Railway transport is the leading transport system in Russia. Prospects for its development and solution of existing problems of this industry deserve the attention of the scientific community.

The purpose of publishing the journal "Izvestia Transsiba" is to inform the scientific community about the progressive developments and research in the field of railway transport, and also to attract the attention of scientists and specialists to its problems by:

1. Publish the results of research work carried out collectively in higher education institutions and research organizations, as well as the work of individual domestic and foreign scientists;

2. Publications of articles highlighting actual transport problems;

3. Publications of the most significant materials of scientific and scientific and technical forums, symposiums, conferences and meetings;

4. Illumination of the practical introduction into production of the results of important completed scientific research, advanced domestic and foreign experience;

5. Conducting on the pages of the Journal discussions on pressing transport problems;

6. Publications of critical articles, bibliographic reviews and reviews of new scientific and educational literature.