Thematic sections:

  • railways rolling stock, traction of trains and electrification;
  • transportation processes management;
  • railway track, survey and design of railways;
  • transport and transport-technological systems of the country, its regions and cities, organization of production in transport;
  • theoretical and applied heat engineering;
  • energy systems and complexes;
  • electric power industry;
  • electrical complexes and systems;
  • automation and management of technological processes and productions.

The authors provide the editorial office with:

  • text of the article on white A4 paper in two hard copies and in electronic format (on any information medium or by e-mail). The file name is the surname of the first author: surname.doc;
  • article title, abstract, keywords (5 – 10 words), the name of the thematic section of the Journal, which is going to include the article (in a separate file in Russian and English);
  • information about the authors in a separate file in Russian and English (full name, academic degree and title, place of employment with postal address, job title, contact numbers and e-mail for feedback);
  • one copy of the text of the article shall be signed by all the authors on the reverse side of each page;
  • expert opinion on the possibility of publishing an article in the open press (in the form adopted in the organization of co-authors);


    a report on the verification of borrowings in the system «Antiplagiat» ( Originality should be at least 90%;
  • a guarantee letter on the transfer of copyright with the signatures of all the co-authors of the article (the sample is on the journal's website).

Requirements for the abstract of the article:

  • the abstract is a brief exact statement of the article, including the basic data and conclusions of the described work;
  • the text of the abstract shall be concise and precise without any secondary information, wording shall be exact and convincing;
  • information in the title of the article shall not be repeated in the abstract;
  • the abstracts in Russian and English shall contain 200 – 250 words;
  • the abstract in Russian and English shall include the following aspects of the article: the subject and the purpose of work; approach or methodology of the work; results of the work; area of the results application; conclusions.
  • moreover, an abstract in English shall be: original (not a loan translation of  Russian variant); intentional (reflect the main content of the article and the results of the research); structured (follow the logic of the results description in the article); in English (written in proficient English language); usage of active rather than passive voice.

Requirements for the manuscript:

  • the manuscript shall contain UDC (in the upper left corner, normal, 12 pt), initials and surname (centered, 11 pt), title (centered, in capital letters, bold, 12 pt), abstract in Russian (italics, justified alignment, 10 pt);
  • the text shall be typed in Word, page size: А4 (210 × 297 mm);
  • margins: 20 mm (all four fields), font type and size for the main text: Тimes New Roman, 12 pt;
  • size of symbols in equations: normal – 12 pt, big index – 7 pt, small – 5 pt, big symbol – 15 pt, small – 12 pt;
  • Latin letters are typed in italic, letters of the Greek and Russian alphabets, mathematical symbols such as cos, sin, max, min are typed in regular font;
  • text in tables, legends and table names are typed in Times New Roman, 10 pt;
  • single line spacing, paragraph indention is 0.75 cm;
  • Each figure shall be additionally given in the original file (JPEG or TIFF, resolution shall be at least 300 pixels/inch);
  • figures made in text editing program Word, should be inserted as an object;
  • list of literature in Russian and in Roman (Latin letters) alphabets with names of source of literature translated in English follows after the text of the article;
  • references in the text are given in square brackets, the list of references has heading Список литературы (no more than 10 items), bibliographic description of sources in Russian is made according to the requirements of GOST 7.1-2003;
  • the list of references in Roman alphabet (Latin letters) has heading References and is arranged as following: Author1 A.A., Author2 A.A., Author3 A.A., Author4 A.A., Author5 A.A. Title of article [Nazvanie stat'i v romanskom alfavite]. Nazvanie zhurnala v romanskom alfavite – Title of Journal, 2014, no. 1, pp. 54 – 57.

Articles that was published previously or submitted for publication in other periodicals cannot be accepted.

The number of co-authors should not exceed three people. The recommended size of an article is 5 - 10 pages. Otherwise, the issue on the article size must be agreed with the editors of the Journal. The illustrations, charts, tables included in the text of the article are accounted in the total size of the text.

Authors shall avoid the repetition of the same data in tables, graphs and text.

In case of submission of two or more articles at the same time it is necessary to specify the desired order of their publication.

In case of return of the article to the author for compliance with comments or abridgement, the editorial board considers the date of submission is day of receiving of the final text.

Accepted for publication articles are not returned to their authors.

Articles that do not correspond to the above requirements cannot be accepted for publication or returned to the authors.

The editorial board reserves the right for literary editing of articles without the consent of the authors.

Contact the editorial office to discuss all matters relating to the preparation, submission and publication of materials.

Executive secretary of the editorial board: Vladimir Ivanchenko.

Address of the editorial office «Izvestia Transsiba» (Journal of Transsib Railway Studies): office 103А, building 4, 35 Karl Marx Ave. 644046-Omsk, Russia.

Tel.: (3812) 31-05-54 (local 41-06), fax: (3812) 31-13-44; e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Omsk State Transport University, editorial office «Izvestia Transsiba» (Journal of Transsib Railway Studies).

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Letter of guarantee on transfer of copyright