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Journal of Transsib Railway Studies V.4(40), 2019

Railways rolling stock, traction of trains and electrification

~~~Railways rolling stock, traction of trains and electrification~~~

Influence of defects rim wheelsets, received in repair, on performance of their recovery turning

The article presents the results of studies of the effect of material properties and wheel failures on the process of their machining on the on the car wheel lathe. Developed by complex criterion that takes into account the effect of various factors on the allowable cutting speed. The proposed method for assessing the machinability of cutting wheels through additive criteria. The quantitative characteristics of the machinability of cutting are obtained, taking into account the macroscopic imprecision of the geometric shape, defects in the thermomechanical interaction of the wheel, brake pad and rail, surface defects of the rim, work hardening and the presence of zones of increased hardness. The results can be used in the development of methods to reduce the consumption of carbide cutting tools for machining parts of rolling stock with operational defects.
~~~Railways rolling stock, traction of trains and electrification~~~

Operational control of system performance cooling of the locomotive

The article presents an analysis of the costs of various fuel and energy resources inJSC “Russian Railways” for the period from 2013 to 2017, results the observations on the reduction of the share of diesel fuel in the total resource consumption structure, the analysis of the distribution of the number of failures of diesel locomotive nodes along the route, the distribution of failures of the cooling system nodes along the route and the distribution of failures of diesel locomotive , the values of power consumed to drive the fan of the refrigerator shaft, various diesel locomotives. Calculated fuel flow ratespent on the drive of the fan of diesel locomotives.
~~~Railways rolling stock, traction of trains and electrification~~~

Method of obtaining and using the distribution of the second derivative of the current strength of the traction generator of a shunting locomotive

On the basis of a previously proposed General method of using a database of measurements onboard system parameters diesel generator set of shunting locomotives a technique of determining the distribution law of the values characterizing the intensity of change of current of the traction generator, evaluation parameters, determining a model function of the parameter changes on the overhaul period. The technique and criteria for assessing the technical condition of the diesel generator set of the observed locomotive using the model function are given
~~~Railways rolling stock, traction of trains and electrification~~~

Application models of the transverse oscillation of tensional member for calculation of tension wires contact network

The article considers a suitability of mathematical model of stretched rod to determine the relationship of the parameters oscillations of the contact wires and their tension. This model allows you to determine the tension by the frequency oscillations of the contact wire obtained after the passage of the current collector. In this case, the speed of the electric rolling stock will not affect the frequency of the damped oscillations. Thanks to the proposed model, the labor intensity is reduced of determining the tension of wires without interruptions in the movement of trains is reduced and there is an opportunity of operational monitoring of the state of the contact suspension remotely.
~~~Railways rolling stock, traction of trains and electrification~~~

Determination of the electrical parameters of the isolated conductor

In this article, the object of the study is the power supply cables for non-traction railway consumers. The electrical parameters of the insulated conductor are determined. Primary parameters of the aluminum shell of the main power supply cable are obtained. As a result of solving the problem, the transient resistance of an isolated conductor is determined. From the boundary conditions, the propagation constant of the metal shell of the power supply cable in the polymer insulating coating is determined. As a result, the values of the transition resistance obtained by different methods are the same.
~~~Railways rolling stock, traction of trains and electrification~~~

Method for the heat state calculating of pantograph head of a mainline electric rolling stock taking account the contact wire zigzag

The article presents a method of calculation of the thermal state of the pantograph head. The density of the suspension zigzag distribution, taking into account a number of assumptions, has replaced the contact wire position function in the plan. Results of calculating the temperature of the pantograph head at different width of the zigzag of the typical suspension, including zero, are presented. The influence of sinusoidal and tangential contact suspensions on the temperature distribution of the pantograph head is estimated.
~~~Railways rolling stock, traction of trains and electrification~~~

Determination of rational terms for rehabilitation of electric locomotive equipments

The article is devoted to the definition of rational overhaul runs equipment of locomotives. This has an impact not only on the reliability of the rolling stock, but also on safety. As a method chosen for the implementation of this task, the functions of the failure rate are used, with the subsequent construction of the functions of resource distribution and determining 90 % of the resource of the equipment of electric locomotives. The proposed technique allows you to determine the rational timing of maintenance and repair of locomotives in the specific conditions of their operation. The calculations are based on information about changes in the technical condition of the wheel-motor block of VL10 electric locomotives.

Transport and transport-technological systems of the country, its regions and cities, organization of production in transport

~~~Transport and transport-technological systems of the country, its regions and cities, organization of production in transport~~~

Features of integration of low-density lines with main railway lines

Low-density railway lines (LDRL) make up almost 1/5 (15,353 km) (18.2 %) of the total length of Railways of JSC "Russian Railways". Currently, the operation of LDRLs in countries of Europe and in Russia is very expensive. This is due to the large number of manual management operations and the excessive need for staff. The solution to the problem of efficiency of use of LDRL in the conditions of market economy is one of the priority tasks facing the transport industry. Despite the fact that LDRL are poorly loaded (on average 3.5 pairs of trains per day) and, therefore, unprofitable, their content is subject to almost the same requirements as for the mainlines, including reporting requirements. The stationmaster and staff of LDRL are overloaded the reporting documentation. This requires the performance of work on the revision of the technology, standards of service and operating procedures LDRL. The purpose of the study is to reduce costs for the main types of activities by changing the technology of maintenance and operation of LDRL. The subject of this study is the operation and maintenance of the LDRL network of JSC "Russian Railways". The methodology of the conducted research is based on the system analysis and scientific generalization of domestic and foreign experience in operation and maintenance of LDRL. The article highlights the technological features of operation of the LDRL. The classification of lines with low-intensity traffic has been developed and the criteria for their assignment to the proposed types have been determined. The peculiarities of the organization of movement of trains, passenger and freight work for the LDRL of various types are presented.

Improvement of industrial heat systems, thermotechnical and heat equipment

~~~Improvement of industrial heat systems, thermotechnical and heat equipment~~~

Utilization of secondary energy resources load testing of locomotives

The article deals with the possibility of energy utilization of exhaust gases of diesel-generator sets of locomotives during load tests. The calculation of the amount of heat carried out during tests with exhaust gases. Possible variants of heat utilization with the use of various heat exchangers are considered.
~~~Improvement of industrial heat systems, thermotechnical and heat equipment~~~

Increasing the efficiency of warming of building walls taking into account the regulation of the released heat energy

Optimization of insulation of walling of building walls is proposed, taking into account the relationship of structural, heat engineering, operating parameters and economic indicators. The purpose of research is to determine the optimal value of the thickness of the insulation with the heat-insulating material of the object, taking into account the thermal energy released to it. The study used methods of mathematical modeling of heat transfer, an optimization problem. The results of the study of the influence of the thickness of the insulating material on the technical and economic efficiency of the building's consumption of energy resources and material costs are presented. The results showed a decrease in heat losses through the building envelope, consumption of heat and electric energy for the heating, ventilation system and reduced costs.
~~~Improvement of industrial heat systems, thermotechnical and heat equipment~~~

Study of possibility of improvement of technical and economic indicators of heat supply of individual consumers

The work is devoted to the study of heat supply systems of isolated facilities of Russian Railways JSC stations, selection of the most energy-efficient and economically feasible method of heat supply. The competitiveness of non-traditional heat systems such as geothermal heating is shown. On the basis of experimental data, economic indicators of operation of existing heat sources are obtained and operating costs for alternative heat supply options are calculated. The configuration of heat sources is determined, which allows increasing technical and economic indicators due to the introduction of renewable energy sources.

Power stations and electric power systems

~~~Power stations and electric power systems~~~

Analysis of the non-sinusoidal mode of operation of the system of power supply on the basis of the wavelet of digital flow transformation of instant values of current

Recently, for the analysis of complex nonlinear processes, more and more attention is paid to the mathematical apparatus of wavelet transform. This is due to the fact that unlike the traditional Fourier transform, the wavelet transform provides information about the signal under study in the time-frequency domain. The purpose of research is to analyze and simulate a non-sinusoidal non-stationary mode based on the packet wavelet transform, the use of this method for transmitting the digital data stream of the signal under study. The simulation was carried out using the software package Simulink. In the study found that packet wavelet transform with high precision allows to determine the presence of higher harmonics in the power system, the efficiency of using wavelet transform to compress digital data stream of the test signal.
~~~Power stations and electric power systems~~~

Treatment of plasma with a low level of reactive coal

Coal is one of the main sources of energy of the 21st century. New plasma-energy technologies are being developed to improve the efficiency of coal combustion. Today, pulverized coal CHP plants worldwide generate more than 50% of electric and thermal energy, the share of coal in the fuel balance of the CHP is growing. At the same time, the quality of coal is reduced. Traditional methods of reducing fuel oil consumption at thermal power plants (increasing the dispersion of the grinding dust, high preheating of the air mixture and secondary air, etc.) used to improve fuel ignition and burning stabilization, have exhausted themselves, therefore a radical increase in fuel efficiency can only be associated with the development and development of completely new technologies. Plasma technology seems to be the most promising among the alternative technologies available to solve the above problems. This technology provides a significant increase in economic efficiency and environmental performance of power plants operating on solid fuel.
~~~Power stations and electric power systems~~~

To the question of cable lines maintenance optimization

The results of mathematical modeling of the optimization of maintenance cable lines are presented in article. The results can be used to calculate the optimal frequency and number of major repairs and substitutions of cable lines.

Energy systems and complexes

~~~Energy systems and complexes~~~

Main directions of increase in environmental efficiency of thermal power

In article the technological actions for suppression of formation of harmful emissions from power objects using organic fuel are described - natural gas, coal and fuel oil. The methods of purification of combustion gases of the main pollutants are offered. Devices of cleaning of large volume of combustion gases of the increased concentration of ashes, and technology of combustion of fuel are presented.