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Improving of test schemes for induction traction motors using the method of mutual load

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Kharlamov V. V. , Popov D. I. , Petrov P. G. Improving of test schemes for induction traction motors using the method of mutual load Izvestiia Transsiba – The Trans-Siberian Bulletin, 2020, no. 4(44), pp. 28 – 36.


The article analyzes the test schemes of induction traction motors by the mutual load method using DC generators as load machines and powered by a three-phase AC network with a frequency of 50 Hz. Features of functioning of each of the given schemes of mutual loading are considered. The disadvantages of these schemes are noted, due to the presence of excess equipment or the lack of short-circuit protection in the anchor circuit of the load generator and the complexity of its connection to the DC link. The scheme developed by the authors is proposed, devoid of the noted disadvantages of the known schemes and combining all their advantages, which is the simplest both in the power part and in controlling the process of connecting the armature winding to the DC link of a frequency Converter. A mathematical model of a test system consisting of an induction traction motor, a DC load generator and a two-link static frequency Converter is presented. The mathematical model of this test system is made up of parts corresponding to its individual elements. The presented mathematical model makes it possible to calculate the static and dynamic operating modes of the proposed scheme at the stage of development of an electrical complex for testing induction traction motors. Recommendations on the implementation of developments in the operation of induction traction motors in locomotive repair depots are given. The expediency of implementing the results of work in organizations-developers of test stations for induction traction motors is also noted.