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On the issue of improving the reliability and durability of traction electric motors of diesel locomotives

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Shestakova V. D. , Ivanov P. Y. , Ivanov V. N. On the issue of improving the reliability and durability of traction electric motors of diesel locomotives Izvestiia Transsiba – The Trans-Siberian Bulletin, 2021, no. 1(45), pp. 95 – 104.


At this time the traction electric motor (TEM) is one of the most important elements of the design of rolling stock, since the safety and stability of the transportation process on the railway network of JSC "Russian Railways" depends on its uninterrupted operation. This article is given a detailed analysis of the TEM failures of diesel locomotives of the 2,3TE10 v / series and the assigned fleet of the Novaya Chara locomotive depot of the East Siberian Traction Directorate. The section of circulation of diesel locomotives from Taksimo station to Hani station is one of the most difficult not only in the borders The East Siberian Railway, but also the entire railway network of the country. The analysis of the statistics of the reasons for the failures of the TEM of locomotives of the Novaya Chara locomotive depot for 2006 - 2012 showed that there is a rather extreme operation mode and that most of the failures are due to the breakdown of the insulation of the anchor winding of the TEM. During a research trip to the diesel locomotive maintenance site, a team of IRGUPSA scientists conducted full-scale measurements speed of movement, driving mode of the train, heating temperature of the TEM, taken into account the climate factors - ambient temperature, relative humidity, pressure and others. After studying the available information, it was proposed to additionally coat the insulation with FL-98 varnish in order to maintain and restore its properties in the conditions of the Winter locomotive depot during TR-3. IRGUPS has been working for a long time to study the process of drying insulation using infrared radiation (IR). The effectiveness of this method has been proven by numerous experimental studies. Several PhD theses have already been defended in various dissertation councils on this topic. This article presents also the statistics of failures of operated TEM already with additional varnish-impregnated insulation of open frontal parts after the implementation of measures based on the results of the work of the IRGUPS group of scientists. It is established that the method of applying the compound to the insulation of the frontal part of the windings of electric machines and encapsulating it with the help of IR radiation energy is effective in combating TEM failures due to insulation breakdown.