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Assessment of technical condition of curved sections railways for their passportization

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Romanenko V. V. , Nevzorova A. B. Assessment of technical condition of curved sections railways for their passportization Izvestiia Transsiba – The Trans-Siberian Bulletin, 2021, no. 1(45), pp. 104 – 113.


Special attention on the Belarusian Railway is paid to the issues of operation of curved-linear sections of the track, since in the framework of solving the problem of increasing train speeds; one of the significant obstacles to changing the speed regime is the discrepancy between the actual position of the curve of the project documentation. The automated systems of mobile diagnostic tools used on the road fully allow us to evaluate the actual parameters of the curves, which can form the basis for modeling the desired positions of the curves for the purpose of their certification. For this purpose, various orders and orders are drawn up annually, which set the main parameters of the curves in the plan and level, as well as the volume of work on the reconstruction (modernization) of the curves in order to bring them to the project documentation. In the Methodology introduced at the Belarusian Railways for evaluating the actual parameters of the installation of curves of track sections, general provisions given for the regulations that determine the procedure for performing actions when performing qualitative and quantitative assessments of the parameters of the geometry of the rail track. Depending on the state of the actual parameters, it is assumed that the curve will be assigned a certain status, which determines the order of its further operation, and depending on the ratio of the actual parameters relative to the design parameters, the degree of violation. The parametric analysis of this technique allowed us to generalize the results of structural, functional and informational analyses of the order of assessment of the level of disorder of curves, with assigning them the appropriate status, and the value of indicators that determine the degree of violation. The study of the parameters of curved sections revealed discrepancies in the qualitative and quantitative estimates of the same track sections, as well as the need for a comprehensive assessment of the actual and design parameters of the rail gauge geometry.