Article Title

Use of heat pump plants to provide consumers with thermal energy

Journal: Journal of Transsib Railway Studies V.1(45), 2021
Journal thematic sections: Energy systems and complexes
Pages: 133-141
Authors: A. Y. Finichenko
udk: 621.8.035
Article reference
Finichenko A. Y. , Glukhova M. V. , Glukhov S. V. Use of heat pump plants to provide consumers with thermal energy Izvestiia Transsiba – The Trans-Siberian Bulletin, 2021, no. 1(45), pp. 133 – 141.


The article deals with the application and use of heat pump installations as a low-potential source of heat energy to provide consumers with heat energy in the building heating system. Today, one of the most environmentally friendly and economical alternative sources of thermal energy is a heat pump unit. The use of these devices will reduce COemissions. The main advantages and disadvantages that appear during the operation of heat pumps are listed. Based on the results of tests of boilers using organic fuels (coal, fuel oil, natural gas)and low-potential heat sources with an electric drive, the dependences of the heat transformation coefficient of the heat pump and the efficiency of boilers operating on organic fuels on the cost of conventional fuel per unit of released energy are constructed. The coefficient of heat transformation of heat pump installations in the range of changes in operating parameters 3,0 < µ < 5,0 is determined. A graph of the dependence of the energy conversion coefficient on the temperature of the heat carrier in the heating system and the ambient temperature is constructed. A schematic diagram of the connection of a heat pump installation to the building heating system is proposed. Studies were conducted in the period from April 1 to April 21, 2021 in the laboratory auditorium of the educational building of OmGUPSa and the readings of the main parameters of the operation of the heat pump unit with the Vitocal 242-S heat pump were recorded. Based on the results of the main parameters, the following are calculated: the thermal load on the room heating system; the temperature of the coolant in the supply pipeline; the amount of electricity consumed by the heat pump; the conversion coefficient of the COР. The optimal values for this heat pump unit under the specified operating modes are estimated.