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The use of passive repeaters to improve radio communications in complex electromagnetic environment

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Mitrokhin V. E. , Zinoviev N. V. The use of passive repeaters to improve radio communications in complex electromagnetic environment Izvestiia Transsiba – The Trans-Siberian Bulletin, 2021, no. 1(45), pp. 142 – 148.


Station radio communication is an integral part of the technical means involved in the organization of a safe transportation process. Increasing the signal power in places with a complex electromagnetic environment remains an urgent issue. A passive repeater can serve as a solution to this issue, therefore the purpose of this work is to test the possibility of increasing the signal power level using a passive repeater.The article provides an analysis of a passive repeater used as a device that improves the quality of radio communications in places with a difficult electromagnetic environment. The differences between the use of a passive repeater and active relay stations are given.An analysis of the existing methods for calculating the parameters of passive repeaters was carried out, on their basis, modeling and calculation of the parameters of a passive repeater were carried out for the development and conduct of research in real conditions at a railway station. The design, materials of manufacture of the passive repeater, as well as the measurement scheme in real conditions are presented.The study is based on theoretical calculations and performance checks in real conditions and comparison of the results obtained. As a result of the study, it was found that the use of a passive repeater in a complex electromagnetic environment makes it possible to increase the signal power level, thereby increasing the stability of radio communication.It was noted that it is necessary to refine the existing method for calculating a passive repeater, since the above technique was used when calculating passive repeaters over long distances. A variant of fastening passive repeaters without the development and installation of additional new structures is proposed, the need to organize further protection against overvoltage is indicated.The results obtained will be useful in the development of new radio relay communication lines and the modernization of existing ones for places with a difficult electromagnetic environment and rough terrain.