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Journal of Transsib Railway Studies V.1(13), 2013

Railway rolling stock

~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

The life cycle increase of the ry wheels at their restoring by electroslag surfacing

The results of the pilot studies to increase the resource of the wheel of the rail stock are presented. The electroslag melting is used to restore the surface rolling and the wheel cam of the cars and locs wheels. The experimental research adopts its perspective.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Calculation of the side frame and bolster freight car bogie finite element method

One of the many topics on which he worked V.V. Lukin in end of his life, was to improve the cast parts bogies freight wagons using the finite element method. In this paper the authors shows that the method of finite element analysis of the stress-strain state of two of the most essential parts a three-element bogie freight cars to further improve the their design.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Estimation of quality of the current collection on monorail transport

In paper results researches of interacting of devices of a current collection of monorail transport are resulted. Negative aftereffects of a current collection are analyzed: acoustical noise, radio interferences and light irradiation at a sparking, deterioration of contact elements.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Fluid flow modeling at the uv-sterilizer for railway transport passenger cars modernized water system

In article there are fluid flow mathematical models at the UV-sterilizer with concentric pipes installed in modernized water supply system of passenger car allowing to determine the velocity field of the rotational velocity component and assess the degree of attenuation depending on the chamber disinfection geometry, the inlet pressure in the water system, and fluid properties. There are exact solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations for a rotating fluid between fixed cylinder of infinite length and limited fictitious determined rotating lids provided Poiseuille axisymmetric flow. The decision explicitly contains the product of cylindrical Bessel functions and hyperbolic functions.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Creating and study of modified adsorbent zeolite eastern transbaikalia to industrial wastewater treatment in the locomotive depot

In articale investigations of conformity to sorption extraction laws of organic pollutants from industrial waste water by zeolits from Holinskoe deposit is carried out.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Research of the rational hardness ratio in the «wheel – rail» system

Article is devoted to one of actual problems – to definition of the rational hardness ratio of wheel and rail. The mathematical model of wear process of friction pair «wheel – rail» is developed. Results of researches on intensity of wear process of wheel and rail are presented.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Improvement of diagnosing process of commutator profile of traction electric motors with pkp-4m device

This article is devote to the development of software for analyzing and transforming data from studies of the collector surface traction motors using a device of control profile commutator PKP-4M. The use of this computer application during the processing of the experimental data will improve the reliability of the control profile of the commutator, and to calculate the main diagnostic parameters characterizing the effect of the profile on the commutation process.

Transport power engineering

~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Quality electricity distribution networks not consumers traction

Despite significant progress in the development of accounting systems, there is almost universal growth accounting losses of electricity and reduce its quality. Along with the introduction of modern energy efficient electrical problem efficiency of electric energy in the stationary energy sector can be achieved through the implementation of active-adaptive technologies for controlling the operation of compensating devices, controlled means of voltage control, switching and power equipment and diagnosis based on digital technology, including automatically maintain a minimum transmission losses when the load. Management of objects offered no traction electricity consumers based on adaptive technology and hardware-software optimization mode parameters in real time.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Parametric identification of the transformer power traction substation

The new method of parametrical identification of three winding transformer by using phase domain is proposed. Transformer model represents as lattice equivalent circuit.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Experimental study of electromagnetic interference on traction substation

The results of measuring the components of electromagnetic interference on DC traction substations and AC.

Information technology, automation, communications, telecommunications

~~~Information technology, automation, communications, telecommunications~~~

System for technical diagnostics of products of railway transport systems on the basis of approximate algorithms to control mechanical vibrations

The article discusses the control systems for mechanical vibrations on the basis of improved modernized nonlinear inverse dynamics algorithms and its use for vibratory stands of technical diagnostics to diagnose mechanical products of railway transport systems.
~~~Information technology, automation, communications, telecommunications~~~

Adaptive method for finding symmetrical components in three-phase electric supply systems

Under consideration the method to determine the positive and negative sequences of fundamental voltage and current harmonic in the three-phase power supply systems, based on the Clark transformation and adaptive filtering.

Railway and engineering structures

~~~Railway and engineering structures~~~

Example of the methods to evaluate conditions and reserve of transverse stability in cwr curves under abnormal track maintenance

Example of the methods to evaluate conditions and reserve of transverse stability in CWR curves under abnormal track maintenance is discussed in the article. The author presents the results of the research of this method and also its positive effect is described.
~~~Railway and engineering structures~~~

Investigation of stress distribution near the tip of the fatigue crack inside rail’s head

The possibility of fatigue crack propagation in the region of compression stresses is considered. After each semi-cycle of cyclic loading the stress-strain distribution near the tip of the crack is determined by the finite element method. It is shown that maximum of the tension stresses increases in the region of compression. The obtained results allow to present the possible ways of the above-mentioned fatigue crack propagation.
~~~Railway and engineering structures~~~

Rolling load dynamic influence on the railway embankments

Vibration levels in the subgrade for the movement of trains are investigated. analysis of the recorded accelerograms is made, acceleration fluctuations on the cross section of the embankment are installed. Calculations of the stability of embankments with the effects by the train load are produced.
~~~Railway and engineering structures~~~

Fatigue strength analysis of rail with thermomechanical damage

Research the fatigue crack initiation and the fatigue crack growth in rail with thermomechanical damage. On basis of cyclic test and numerical simulation of rail deflected mode was determine a fatigue failure characteristics and fatigue crack growth characteristic in rail steel.
~~~Railway and engineering structures~~~

The remaining life assessment of rail with cross crack in lower flange

In research consider a methodology the remaining life assessment of rail with fatigue crack in lower flange. Obtain the stress intensity factor equations for crack size and kind of stress: bending stress, thermal and residual stress. Make up an fatigue strength analysis of rail P65 and under different conditions of loading and remaining life calculation of damaged rail when given conditions of loading. Submit a assessment evaluation rail reinforcement in cyclic crack growth rate.

Traffic control and traffic safety

~~~Traffic control and traffic safety~~~

Increased safety of railway transport system based automation technologies stowing and securing cargo in wagons

This paper presents an algorithm of computational experiments by definition shear load and tension mounts in the elements, which increases the safety of the operation of the railway transport system.
~~~Traffic control and traffic safety~~~

Methods destination mileage cars between depot repair

The main provisions of the methodological foundations of state management systems, technical operation, the general approach to the creation of the state of systems management techniques and methods of technical operation of destination mileage cars between depot repairs on them. Practical recommendations for the use of freight cars.
~~~Traffic control and traffic safety~~~

Probabilistic analysis of break-even freight transport on the basis of the monte-carlo method

Substantiated the application of the probabilistic analysis of the break-even on the basis of a Monte Carlo method for the study of freight as a complex stochastic systems. Analysis was carried out on the basis of data of the Ulan-Bator railway.
~~~Traffic control and traffic safety~~~

System of the dangerous wastes transport safety by railway

In article results of making design for system of the dangerous wastes transport safety by railway is considered. Fundamental elements of safety system are discussed. Recommendations on formation of the dangerous wastes transport safety program are shown.