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Journal of Transsib Railway Studies V.3(15), 2013

Railway rolling stock

~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

The assessment of energy efficiency of application back-to-back method in testing induction tractive motor

The article contains information about policy public corporation «RZD» in energy-saving and energy efficiency. Assessment of energy efficiency of application back-to-back method in testing induction tractive motors was executed as an example on modeling testing process of motors type NTA-1200.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Vibroakusticheskimi diagnosis and methods incipient defects in the gear train locomotive

The paper describes the physical nature of the occurrence of disturbing forces in traction gears during intermating teeth and determination of the amplitude-frequency content of the spectrum. In addition, the experimentally determined defects arising elements locomotive traction gearing.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Calculation of contact pressing of a current collector the «aist» taking into account change of aerodynamic carrying power at various climatic conditions and working height

In article it is made a calculation contact pressing taking into account change of aerodynamic carrying power depending on climatic conditions (in one and a two-phase stream), and as at change of working height of a current collector. Comparison of the received results with experimental data is executed.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Dynamics interaction of contacting bodies

Results of mathematical modeling of determination of character and the law of change of forces and tension arising in the field of contact of interacting bodies on the example of dynamic contact at impact of an elastic sphere about motionless, absolutely rigid plate are presented in article, at its flat movement. The received results can be used at calculations of contact forces and material tension in a metalwork at shock influences.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Modelling of the electrotechnical complex in «the asynchronous engine - the centrifugal pump» system

In article questions of modeling of dynamic processes of system «the asynchronous engine - the centrifugal pump» pump installations are considered. The developed mathematical model is based on joint consideration of mechanical, hydraulic and electric subsystems of which the considered complex as a whole consists.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Analysis of operating performance of freight trains and its ways of increasing

The analysis of the operational efficiency of freight cars circulating on the Russian railways, shows a lack of basic truck models 18-100 and its modifications and foreign counterparts. We propose a method for increasing the efficiency of the dynamic properties of the freight car with a cart, which has a new design of spring suspension, based on the principle of compensation of external disturbances and presented its advantages.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Irregular resilience railway track as a disturbing factor

In this paper the authors propose to consider the peculiarities of making mathematical models of rolling stock and its dynamic behavior when driving on irregular resilience railway line in the longitudinal direction. We present a qualitative and empirical analyzes of longitudinal resilience railway railway. In conclusion, given the conclusion, on the basis of its proposed further consideration of mathematical aspects of the above solutions of systems of differential equations of motion of the rolling stock on irregular resilience way.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Theoretical and experimental researching regularities of chafing parts in diesel engine d49

There are results of researching regularities of chafing cylinder-piston group and crank rod mechanism in the diesel engine D49. The results are necessary for creation method of diagnosing locomotive diesel without taking for the pieces but just with the results of spectral analysis of engine oil.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Improvement of methods for control of fuel and household work shunting using aircraft systems

The article suggests the method of monitoring the consumption of fuel for shunting and household works using the onboard systems. The first results of the evaluation of the effectiveness of the use of this method in the course of the experiment station «Omsk - Passenger»
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Development of universal measuring pantograph of electric rolling stock based on basic design t(l)a1-uks.160

The article describes the design of a universal measuring pantograph, designed to obtain during the test trips sets of accurate and adequate information on the quality of current collection due to the possibility of modeling parameters and characteristics of advanced domestic and foreign current collectors, mounted on a modern electric rolling stock. Presented the results of his testing at the West-Siberian railway.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Vibroprotection of object with two degrees of freedom. dynamical reactions

The method of definition of dynamical reactions in mechanical oscillation systems with rigid body with two degrees of freedom is discussed. Understandings about possibilities of creature of structural analogy schemes in relations with systems of automatic feed-back control are used. Transformations of structural schemes for selection of chain of feed-back ties in accordance in examination of object are shown. Such ties represent the dynamical reactions which are looked. Compare analysis with using several approaches are made. Peculiarities of method of definition of dynamical reactions in contacts of rigid body with elastic elements of mechanical oscillation systems are shown.

Transport power engineering

~~~Transport power engineering~~~

The analysis of corrosion processes at changes in the grounding structure of traction substations

Corrosion processes at various constructive changes of grounding system of traction substation are considered: construction of new cable lines, expansion of the territory of substation, etc. Calculation of corrosion processes of the grounding system consisting of three electrodes is carried out: steel in concrete, the metal gauze in soil, a steel vertical electrode in soil. Results of calculations are presented, the analysis of corrosion processes is made under various conditions.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Mathematical method of calculation of distribution of currents of corrosion and potentials in grounding devices of traction substations

The mathematical method of calculation of currents of corrosion of two models of grounding models - ekvipotentsialny and nonkvipotentsialny is presented. Soil and electric corrosion of both models is considered. The mathematical method of calculation of sizes of corrosion currents and potentials will allow to estimate a corrosion condition of elements of grounding system of traction substation.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

The development of electric load forecasting algorithms based on artificial neural networks for railway enterprises

In this paper we propose an electric load forecasting algorithms based on artificial neural networks. An improved method for selecting the most appropriate structure of the neural network based on the coefficient characterizing the homogeneity of the samples is proposed.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

The algorithm for technical condition monitoring of power supply line for devices of railway automatics

In this article, the technical condition monitoring of power supply line for devices of railway automatics is considered. The algorithm of determining location of the break with using the mathematical apparatus of discrete Fourier transform is proposed.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Global automatic electric power measuring system for rolling stock

In this article made a scan of a current situation in electric power measuring on the rolling stock, proposed a concept of Global automatic electric power measuring system for rolling stock, stated technical requirements for modern electric power measuring systems for rolling stock.

Information technology, automation, communications, telecommunications

~~~Information technology, automation, communications, telecommunications~~~

Estimation of reliability of functioningnetwork element of the telecommunication network

The method of an estimation of reliability of functioning and probability of conditional non-failure operation of a network element telecommunication in view of factor of availability is considered

Railway and engineering structures

~~~Railway and engineering structures~~~

Roadbed strength with volumetric reinforcing structures

The use of three-dimensional reinforcing structures is an effective method strengthen the slopes and the primary site of subgrade, it is confirmed by a complex of experimental studies. The numerical and natural modeling processes associated with the strengthening of subgrade geokompozitn structure. Natural modeling performed by the embankment of equivalent materials using real ground conditions and loadings identical in size natural. A comparison of simulation results showed high convergence, which allows use it’s in the preparation of design techniques.
~~~Railway and engineering structures~~~

Research tensity of permanent tunnel lining with temporary shotcrete lining factor

Shotcrete lining is one of the most common types of temporary supports in tunnel construction. The influence of shotcrete lining on design calculations of permanent lining is difficult, because there is no method of designing at the present time. This leads to increasing in consumption of materials and labour of construction. The information about the influence of the basic mechanical properties of soils, geometrical size of construction per value of temporary shotcrete lining factor was obtained during research. These data formed the basis for futher development method of designing.

Traffic control and traffic safety

~~~Traffic control and traffic safety~~~

The reasons for violations of traffic safety of freight cars in operation

Analysis of failures bogie side frames of freight cars in the network of JSC «Russian Railways» for the period from 2006 to 2013. Disadvantages of the well-known constructions of trucks of the car of model 18-100. Mathematical modeling of movement of a wheel pair bogie 18-100, set the negative impact of the spread of the values of structural parameters of the chassis of the car on the indicators of its dynamic qualities and driving safety.