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Journal of Transsib Railway Studies V.4(16), 2013

Railway rolling stock

~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Probabilistic model of formation of modes of operation of diesel diesel generator sets in operation

Offers a probabilistic model of formation of modes load of diesel-generator unit locomotives given the power of auxiliary units in conditions of their operation on the example of locomotives 2TE10M.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Mathematical model of fuel heating of the high pressurepipeline of diesel engines fuel equipment

In article presented the mathematical model of fuel heating of the high pressure pipeline of diesel engines fuel equipment and calculation results of temperature of its external surface at various temperatures air and the fuel equipment technical conditions.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

The practice of using ultrasound technologies in repairs of the rolling stock

The article deals with theoretical and applied problems of ultrasonic cleaning of parts of rolling stock during the repair. Marked by features of ultrasonic influences in the bath with the limited sizes and the results of the simulation with the use of package Mathcad. Given the results of specific applications.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Systems of vibroprotection of equipment on basis of using transformation of relative movements of links

Possibilities of expansion of settle of typical elementary links of mechanical oscillation systems are considered. As examples of links for transformation of movement the screw and level mechanisms are offered. Introduction of new links is equivalent of elementary links with transfer function of differential of second order. The method for definition of parameters of dynamical absorbtions of oscillation are offered.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

System of stabilization of the pressure of installations of centrifugal pumps with scalar management of frequency of rotation of the asynchronous engine

The system of stabilization of a pressure in pump installations with scalar management of the asynchronous electric motor is offered. Calculation of transients in pump installation with use of a Simulink package showed operability of system and steady work both at engine start-up, and when dumping / increase loadings.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Settlement pilot studies of air-gas systemof the diesel locomotive

Article is devoted to settlement pilot studies of air-gas system of the diesel locomotive improved by a cyclone-electrofilter. The main attention is paid to determination of the overall performance, the developed air-gas system. The mathematical model of gasdynamic processes of air-gas system which allows to estimate influence of a geometrical configuration and electro-dynamic impacts on process of purification of the fulfilled gases from firm soot is constructed. Comparison of the obtained settlement data with experimental is carried out.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Diagnostics of the fuel equipment of diesel diesels according to the analysis of movement of a needle nozzle

The way of diagnosing allowing without removal and dismantling of a nozzle on the working engine to define the chart of movement of a needle of a spray by means of the sensor of pressure, established in a cavity over a nozzle needle is offered, to estimate the valid corner of an advancing of injection of fuel and a technical condition of a nozzle of the diesel.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Improvement of an aerodynamic subsystem of a current collector

Flow ranges are given in article by an air stream of the aerodynamic device of a current collector the AIST, received by calculation, using which aerodynamic characteristics of this device are defined. Experimental aerodynamic characteristics of a current collector the AIST of heavy and easy type with use of the aerodynamic device are provided.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

The organization of repair on an actual condition axle box units of a rolling stock

In clause the organization and perfection of process of repair axle box units of a rolling stock by results of diagnostics is considered. The diagnostic model of object, and also a technique of perfection of repair on an actual condition with application of technical diagnostics and the analytical means, based on concept ТРМ is resulted.

Transport power engineering

~~~Transport power engineering~~~

An energy storage device parameters determinationfor electrical locomotives of dc railway

There is the way for increasing efficiency of recuperative braking, using an energy storage device on electrical locomotives of DC railway. This device must store a part of recuperative energy. In the article the approach was considered, which allows to find parameters of an energy storage device, this device must be placed on electrical locomotives of DC railway, a part of recuperative energy can be returned to electrical network.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Formation of the accounting periods for simulation modeling of the system of traction probabilistic method

The article deals with the question of methodology stop imitation modeling when using modern instruments of mental resources, which are, for example, was Wednesday MatLab. In particular, analysis of factors that determine the duration of the simulation for a given level of accuracy desired results.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Mathematical model for calculating of the unsteady wave processes at contact network of the system of traction electric supply

This article describes the features of the calculation of the unsteady wave processes in the system of traction electric supply. Mathematical model for calculation of wave processes at contact networks based on modified Laplace transform combined with using Fourier series. Practiced modeling of power supply system for identifying characteristics of wave processes in traction networks.

Information technology, automation, communications, telecommunications

~~~Information technology, automation, communications, telecommunications~~~

Analysis of the causes of errors of measurement

Analysis of the causes of errors of measurement of phase shifts of harmonic components in electrical railway traction networks and describes how to improve the accuracy of measurement.
~~~Information technology, automation, communications, telecommunications~~~

The estimation of accuracy and capability for restoration of uneven sampled signal in analog-digital conversion unit of railway transport communication equipment

The article covers stability and accuracy for restoration of uneven sampled signals, using basis functions. The accuracy and stability are explored for different transfer system orders, period between basis functions and offset of the basis functions system against restored samples.

Railway and engineering structures

~~~Railway and engineering structures~~~

Automated calculation of dynamic indicators risks in the presence hardware failures

The algorithms and modeling program allowing estimating indicators of financial technological risk, based on a random process of dynamic risk.
~~~Railway and engineering structures~~~

The problem with plate load tests pile foundations under bridge construction

Some aspects of soil testing are discussed this article to determine the stamp bearing capacity of piles. The techniques of plating tests has been proposed with anchoring of the shell or casing piles future. This method allows you to evaluate the resistance of piles on its end and side surfaces.
~~~Railway and engineering structures~~~

Experimental determination of the displacement of rails

The paper proposes a method of measuring the transverse displacements of the rails. Made a priori error estimate. A version of the sensor and the concept of construction equipment.

Traffic control and traffic safety

~~~Traffic control and traffic safety~~~

The influence of dynamic loading and defects roller bearing axle-box on safety of movement of freight cars in operation

Analysis of failures of axlebox units of bogies for freight cars in the network of JSC «Russian Railways» for the period from 2010 to 2012, disadvantages of this node known construction trucks of the car of model 18-100. Defined vertical, horizontal and longitudinal loads acting on the buchs site. Mathematical modeling of the dynamic loading roller bearing axle-box under radial load. The influence of dynamic loads and defects in a roller bearing axle-box site on a safety of movement of the carriage.
~~~Traffic control and traffic safety~~~

Mathematic modeling of the bending moments in solving transportation of timber cargo

In transit shortly stacking forest freights on specialized platforms-hlystovozakh consignors have problems with development of technical documentation on placement and fastening of these freights as in normative documents there are no data on the allowed bending moments in frames of such platforms. In work as authors the method of calculation for distribution of lump of forest products on stacks on a platform-hlystovoze which can be used when transporting other stacking freights is offered and reasonable.

Transport management

~~~Transport management~~~

Professional risk management system as part of increasing safety proizvodstennyh processes for transport

The article examines the possibility of upgrading the existing control system of labor protection in relation to the used in the railway network methodology, resource management and risk management at all stages of the life cycle of facilities and equipment on the basis of reliability analysis (URRAN). Using practical examples, the possibility of using professional risk management system in the task of improving the safety of industrial processes and transport.