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Journal of Transsib Railway Studies V.1(17), 2014

Railway rolling stock

~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Methodology for assigning losses in two-element frequency converter in induction motor test rig

The article contains methodology for assigning losses in two-element frequency converter (in rectifier and dc-ac converter). which allow to replenish mathematical model of back to back rig test method for induction motors and to use it in design induction motor rig test, also for calculation electrical power test rig which consumed from electrical network. Practical value of the methodology is no need in using electrical measurement instrument for ac-dc power with frequency different from 50 Gz.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

The calculation of heat capacity working relationship during the combustion of mixed types of fuel in the cylinder of a diesel locomotive engines

The article presents the method of calculation of heat capacity working relations in the process of fuel combustion. Analytical dependence of heat capacity ratio are presented depending on the temperature of products of combustion, excess air ratio and proportion of burnt fuel for different formulations of mixed types of hydrocarbon fuel.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Research of effectiveness of convection and methods thermoradiative capsulating winding insulation for repair of electric machines tpn

The article studies comparing the effectiveness of using thermoradiation and convective drying methods insulation windings of electrical machines of traction rolling stock, impregnated with various modern varnishes and compounds at their factory and depot repair. Objective factors in the comparison methods are parameters such as temperature class, electric strength and cementing capacity. The author substantiates advantage thermoradiation method over convective.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Modeling of heating material of the wheel in braking mode of locomotive

The results of mathematical modeling of the heating process of the wheel material during braking mode of the locomotive are presented in article. The results can be used to calculate the temperature change for any point of the wheel during the braking operation.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Basis of local life extension method insulation of electric machines of locomotives thermal radiation

The main damaged knot of traction electric motors of a traction rolling stock is isolation, namely in the field of the basis of front part. The imperfect system of isolation in face part of front windings results in humidity. Also the increased intensity in this zone is the reason of low reliability. Authors propose the system of local insulation encapsulation energy of infrared radiation as life extension activities of electrical machines.

Transport power engineering

~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Distribution of current and voltage in the three single-wire lines taking into account their mutual influence

The article provides a solution to the system of equations for the voltages and currents of three single-wire lines with regard to their inductive and galvanic influence.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Unevenness of working process and fuel supply as diagnostic indicators of diesel engines working on different fuel grades

Theoretical analyze of liquid fuel movement in low-pressure line (LPL) of diesel fuel supply systems is implemented. To solve LPL the equations set of homogeneous blend is suggested. It is shown that when using alternative fuels in locomotive and ship diesels the retrimming of fuel equipment is required, and it’s reasonable to use the degree of irregularity of working process as diagnostic indicator.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Approbation of settlement model of system of traction power supply of the railroads of the direct current for the assessment of potential of energy efficiency of recuperative braking

The article describes the general principles of the computational model of the traction power supply DC Railway to assess the potential energy recuperative braking, as well as ways of approbation the resulting model to determine its adequacy.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Modeling clean contact between the contact wires and collector strip with static finite element methods

In the article the finite element model of the electrical contact pin wire - collector strip, which takes into account the complex interaction of electric and thermal processes. As the contact wire is selected worn MF-100, the current collection plate - two brands VJZ-metal and graphite. Microgeometry the body surface at the contact point is obtained based on the model of Greenwood - Williamson. It was considered the two extreme cases of possible contact between the contact wire to the plate. The results were analyzed and compared with the known experimental data. Calculated at what proportions contact force and contact current due to burnout occurs spark or arc. Identify ways to improve the model.

Information technology, automation, communications, telecommunications

~~~Information technology, automation, communications, telecommunications~~~

The theorem about a minimum of number of operations for a polynomial calculation during of extrapolation of velocity and coordinates of a moving locomotive

The minimum of number of operations for a polynomial calculation is found. Results are presented as proofs of one lemma and one theorem.
~~~Information technology, automation, communications, telecommunications~~~

Shielding effectiveness calculation method for the radioelectronic equipment in case of pulse electromagnetic field impact

In this article a shielding effectiveness calculation method for the radio electronic equipment is considered. Monolayer and multilayer shields made with aluminum, cuprum, steel is investigated. Interaction of pulse magnetic field and conductive shield is simulated using finite difference time domain method. Frequency and time dependencies for the shield impedances are shown. Also pictures of electromagnetic field distribution near shielding are presented. Time dependencies of electric field on the shield external and internal borders are shown.

Railway and engineering structures

~~~Railway and engineering structures~~~

Improved method of calculation tensity of permanent tunnel lining with temporary shotcrete lining factor

Shotcrete lining is one of the most common types of temporary supports in tunnel construction. The influence of shotcrete lining on design calculations of permanent lining is difficult, because there is no method of designing at the present time. This leads to increasing in consumption of materials and labour of construction. The information about the influence of the basic mechanical properties of soils, geometrical size of construction per value of temporary shotcrete lining factor was obtained during research. These data formed the basis for futher development method of designing. Empirical correlations of stress distribution between temporary shotcrete lining and permanent monolithic reinforced concrete lining were obtained during theoretical research. Results of experimental research tensity of temporary shotcrete and permanent lining confirmed the possibility of using in the designing this empirical correlations. Using in the designing proposed empirical correlations will leads to reduction in consumption of materials and labour of construction.

Traffic control and traffic safety

~~~Traffic control and traffic safety~~~

The research of the problem of optimization of the freight turnover in ports of the baltic sea in the conditions of modernization of the transport complex

The article considers the peculiarities of the transport network ports on the Baltic sea, the problems of optimization is to increase cargo turnover and the challenges associated with the modernization of the transport complex of Russia
~~~Traffic control and traffic safety~~~

Cas of keeping of inside factory claotype transport

On an inside factory industrial transport different transporting machines (railway faucets, motovozy, electric locomotives and other), moving on a claotype way, are used. For realization of the required manipulation loads the transporting machines indicated higher must be stopped at one or another points (positions) of claotype way with high enough exactness, that is provided with a help. The analysis of existent control system rotined that they provided exactness of keeping of transporting machines not always. For the increase of exactness of the system of the automated keeping, oriented to application on an inside factory claotype railway transport technical solution, protected patent of Russian Federation.
~~~Traffic control and traffic safety~~~

Application of the apparatus of conformal mappings for continuous monitoring coordinates rolling stock on the railway

This paper deals with the determination of the coordinates of the rolling stock for the railway station. Proposed and justified the use of mathematical tools of conformal mappings.
~~~Traffic control and traffic safety~~~

Brief analysis of railway vehicle with nonlinear elastic elements

The article provides a brief theoretical analysis of railway vehicle with nonlinear elastic elements. Considered distinctive features of spring suspension electric locomotives of the old and the new generations. On the basis of differences of a calculation scheme and derived a mathematical model of vertical dynamics of conditional «uniaxial» electric locomotive of new generation allows to estimate the critical speed train crew and indicators of its dynamic qualities.
~~~Traffic control and traffic safety~~~

Preferred selection procedure scenario development transportation process

The formalization of the problem and formulation of multicriteria select a preferred development scenario rail transportation process at the regional level, taking into account that this process is a complex system operating in a multi-variant conditions and uncertainties.

Transport management

~~~Transport management~~~

The model of evaluation of human rights in the operation of man-machine systems

The article examines a possible approach to the construction of evaluation model of human influence on the functioning of human-machine systems. Formalization of procedures for the analysis of human influence in the «man - machine - environment» for their further integration into the risk management system is being implemented at JSC «Russian Railways» will improve the quality assessment and risk analysis, and, accordingly, to ensure the required level of security in rail transport.