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Journal of Transsib Railway Studies V.2(18), 2014

Railway rolling stock

~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

The investigation of the exploitation of the diesel locomotives uzte16m4 in the direction kumkurgan - tashguzar sjrc «uzbek railways»

The results of the investigations on the evaluation of efficiency use of the diesel locomotives UzTE16M4 in the mountainous direction Kumkurgan - Tashguzar of the Uzbek railways track by of the movement goods trains with stops and without any stops on the spaces station are presented.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Improvement of ultrasonic inspection of the wagon wheelset axle

In article are considered standard technologies of ultrasonic inspection of under-hub parts of press-fitted wheelset axles accordingly to existing regulations: GD (Guidance Document) 07.09-97 and STO (Standard of the Organization) Russian Railways 1.11.002-2008, and proposed improve-ment measures of nondestructive inspection that are confirmed by calculation and experimentally
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Failure analysis of mechanical equipment electric locomotives 2es6

This article provides an analysis of the failure of mechanical equipment freight electric loco-motive 2ES6 "Sinara". The aim is to analyze the main failure of the mechanical part, the causes of failure . Using statistical methods for estimating and accounting data form TU -29 "Book of dam-age or malfunction of locomotives and multiple units and their equipment" locomotive repair depot «Мoskovka» investigated. Mechanical equipment failures make up 8.72% of all failures locomotive. Mean operating time to failure of the mechanical part locomotive is L2=156221km. Failure analy-sis of mechanical equipment showed that about 50% of all faults related to the deterioration of the rolling surface of the wheelset . More than a third of all failures associated with unilateral wheel flange wear. Mean time to failure due to a unilateral wheelset wear bandage is L1=279874 km. One reason is the incorrect distribution the load on the wheelsets at the factory and in the process of the attendance, maintenance. About 20% of mechanical equipment failures account for the fail-ure ventilation pipes. Analysis showed that the problem appears in the winter season. The main reason is a design defect ventilation pipes. Other types of mechanical equipment failures have less statistical significance. For comparison, the paper analyzes the distribution of electric locomotives VL10 mechanical failures. The obtained dependences can be a source of information for the system repair locomotives 2ES6 "Sinara" on-condition maintenance.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Study of efficiency oscillating regimes in energy supply infrared technology in capsulating winding insulation repair of electrical motors of locomotives

The article is devoted to continue presenting the results of experimental studies on the identifi-cation of rational modes of IR energy supply in encapsulation technology insulation windings of electric machines (EM) of traction rolling stock (TPS). In this paper, published the results of com-paring the effectiveness of the use of various oscillatory modes of infrared (IR) energy supply in the process of winding insulation encapsulation the frontal parts armature winding of the traction mo-tor type NB-514B electric locomotives series "Ermak" on the process plant at their depot and fac-tory repair. In studies to identify rational oscillating modes IR energy supply option duty cycle remained unchanged for the existing design of the generator of heat radiation technological installation, and changed only option cyclical, characterized by changing the speed of rotation of the armature trac-tion motor on the plant corresponding to 5, 25 and 50 Hz when the drive installation works from the frequency converter. The process of encapsulation was carried out first only short-wavelength radiation generated incoherent halogen emitters, then only at medium-wavelength radiation generated pulse ceramic radiators, and finally - with alternating heating medium short- and medium-wavelength radiation, i.e. with these two types of emitters in the spectral-oscillating mode IR energy, on which is currently obtained patent for the invention. For comparability of experimental studies same dose irradiation of segments frontal part of the armature windings of the traction motor type NB-514B electric lo-comotives «Ermak». Objective factors when comparing encapsulation modes to identify the most efficient are pa-rameters such as dielectric strength (the value of the breakdown voltage insulating tape) and ce-menting capacity.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

The wide-layer welding of the solid wheel`s comb by the many-elektrode way

The results of the experimental study of the termal cycle of many-electrode welding of the solid wheel`s comb and its influences in work upon structurization in zone of the termal influence are presented.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Construction of mathematical models of mechanical wear contact pairs devices current collection

The article describes a mathematical model of electro-mechanical devices wear contact pairs current collection of electric transport in conditions as close to real operating conditions. Synthesis of models made in two directions: model the mechanical load and model of electric current flow in sliding contact. The mathematical model also allows to take into account the thermal processes oc-curring in sliding contact by passing an electric current through a sliding contact. Are compared the results of calculations and experimental studies of wear of contact pairs of different materials. Experimental studies were performed on a dedicated test bench installation created in Omsk State Transport University. Relative error between calculation and experiment is not more than 6 %.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Assessment of technical and economic effect from updating of technological documentation for the optimized system of maintenance and repair of locomotives

The article describes the main provisions of the optimized system of the electric locomotives maintenance service and repair, as well as the results of the experiment to increase between-repairs run of the electric locomotives in the Eastern polygon. The author examines the impact of techno-logical preparation of production on the quality of repair and the number of failures in the transi-tion to a more streamlined system. The article proposes a method of calculation of adjustment and development cost of technological documentation, which is an integral part of technological prepa-ration of production. The cost calculation includes qualifications and salaries of industrial engi-neers, the complexity and volume of developed or adjusted technological documentation. The author gives the example of calculation of adjustment and development cost of technological docu-mentation in depot conditions. The economic effect from the implementation of this methodology and optimized system repair shows its effectiveness and viability. Due to the adjustments of techno-logical processes of the electric locomotives repair, the number of failures during operation, dis-covered during the experiment in the Eastern polygon, will decrease. Benefit from the increased between-repairs run and reducing the complexity of some of the repairs will cover the costs of im-plementation of the optimized system.

Transport power engineering

~~~Transport power engineering~~~

The model graph analyzing of generating units fuel-using systems by methods of automatic control theory

The subject of the study is the fuel utilization system of a diesel power plant as a diesel locomo-tive or other vehicle main lead, which is a complex technical system consisting of actual diesel in-ternal combustion engine, fuel lines and low pressure fuel processing and high pressure line includ-ing various elements of liquid fuels consumption dosing and control. The aim of our study was to analyze the system functioning, to determine the dynamic proper-ties and the nature of changes in the internal parameters of the system as a whole. To achieve the goal the system analysis methods were used. The processes of complex technical system operation were interpreted by means of the continuous linear stationary deterministic model of the list of others. For this particular model the body of mathematics developed on the basis of linear differential equations with constant coefficients is the most complete one. The chosen mathematical model was presented by us in the first stage in the form of a finite graph as a subgraph of obtained earlier generalized model which had both methodological and theoretical foundation. In accordance with the methodology of the systematic approach the graph model of the diesel power plant fuel utilization system operation was described in relation to major significant factors affecting the system parameters transformation dynamics. Given the complexity of the of fuel ignition and combustion mechanism located in the diesel engine cylinder, the use of the techniques of the modern automated control theory is adopted for numerical processes simulation with the system described in terms of the said theory. The criteria of efficiency, mechanical loads and thermal loads levels were chosen as the fuel utilization system internal state variables. Taking into account the Pareto principle the most important efficiency criterion components were chosen for the analysis; and the system of differential equations of the efficiency dynamics in the form of three balance equations was created. The factual description of the included equations allowed us to derive preliminary qualitative conclusions about the dynamic properties of the internal criteria: controllability, observability and stability of the fuel utilization system. The differential equations system parameters linearizing procedure and the introduction of small deviations allowed us to obtain the dynamic mathematical model of the fuel and air transfor-mation in the diesel engine heat cylinder. As the result of transformations we have obtained the equations presented in the form of the matrices, which allowed us to conclude that the process of the fuel and air transformation in the cylinder is controllable, the system is asymptotically stable, and the process is stochastic with the presence of perturbing parameters influenced by the engine's variable modes of operation. The further research areas have been suggested, and the practical results have been predicted: the creation of optimal (in terms of efficiency) control system with the technical solution in the form of the optimal controller (in relation to fuel consumption).
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Substantiation of mechanical value of operating thermo-mechanical loads on the overhead contact system wires

As a result of tension increase and significantly loads on the overhead contact lines, there is need to research the tensile stress value for contact and messenger wires. In this paper, the author reviewed the wires operation conditions concerning the thermo-mechanical load. The author has analyzed the results of contact wires low-temperature creep tests. The real rate of contact wires creep is as appropriate as the standard values. At the same time, copper wire elongation is faster than bronze. The author has provided results about contact and messenger wires ultimate tensile stress tests, heated at different temperatures. The ultimate tensile stress rate for the copper and bronze contact wires is reducing by 9 % with temperatures increasing. The ultimate tensile stress rate for the cop-per messenger wires is reducing by 11 %, for the bronze wires - by 4 %, with rising temperatures to 150 °С. Test results have shown that heating of copper wires to temperatures above 90 °С and bronze wires to temperatures above 120 °С leads to a significant immediate reduction of strength. Working conditions for the overhead contact lines wires are close to the critical one. It is not sufficient for reliable and safe operation Author offers to modify regulatory requirements for contact and mes-senger wires concerning permissible heating and also not to divide short-term and long-term heat-ing and only to leave permissible heating.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Calculation of magnetic field over the cable with damaged

The paper presents a calculation of the magnetic field over the cable with damage. The cable with damage is replaced to equivalent circuit «conductor - shield». The conductor and the shield is considered as two single-wire lines, loaded on the characteristic impedance to avoid reflections. For this equivalent circuit defined sine wave signal change in the conductor and the cable shield. These results indicate that in cable fault location conductor current is significantly changed and shield current reaches the maximum value. The values of the shielding factor is determined at dif-ferent frequencies for the continuous tubular aluminum conductor and steel spiral conductor. The magnetic field is determined on the earth surface over the cable with metal shield having a «con-ductor - shield» damage taking into account the shielding factor. The results show that the module and phase of magnetic field is incremented in the cable fault location, which can be fixed on the earth surface. The results of calculation will improve the methods and hardware for cable fault lo-cation searching.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Model design electrical resistance concrete foundation supports contact systems

The question of the possibility of using concrete foundations support of a contact network as earthing. The analysis of the impact of the construction of the foundation for the spreading re-sistance. The results of the calculation of spreading resistance of the anchor bolt foundation metal support on the proposed formula.

Information technology, automation, communications, telecommunications

~~~Information technology, automation, communications, telecommunications~~~

Using of the polinomial interpolation for recovery the desposition of discrete signal which occur when calibration adc

This article describes the algorithm for polynomial interpolation analog-to-digital converter with a duration of calibration1 ms. There is an example of reconstruction the missing values for a given accuracy of processing the input signal

Railway and engineering structures

~~~Railway and engineering structures~~~

Research of the oscillatory process of sand dunes, stowed in railway subgrade

The results of field researches of the oscillatory process subgrade erected with sand dunes. The analysis of the oscillations records of particle of sand dunes at the main field, in the frame and be-hind of the subgrade. Given findings change of the value of oscillation amplitudes of dunes sand depending on the speed of trains. Analytical dependence of definition of attenuation of fluctuations in a body of subgrade from sand dunes and behind its limits is revealed.
~~~Railway and engineering structures~~~

Forecasting calculated fatigue life of structural elements using the modified fatigue curves

Evaluation of fatigue life is based on the use of basic fatigue curves. However, due to large va-riety of possible design solutions basic fatigue curves cannot be calculated for all cases. In addi-tion, the production practice has a significant influence on the durability of structural elements. To predict the fatigue durability using the traditional method we need to consider the influence of structural and technological factors by introducing the correction coefficients established on the basis of the experience and accumulated experimental data. The correction coefficients are widely used in calculating the resource elements by domestic and foreign construction firms. Using the traditional method the match of the projected longevity and durability resulted in a bench test struc-tures are not always satisfactory. Often by conducting rapid analysis the sufficient fatigue curves absent, the closest in characteristics among the available are selected. The article presents the im-proved technique of numerical fatigue life prediction of structural elements by using the modified fatigue curves, considering the impact of structural and technological features of the products of the actual design. The results of calculated estimate of the resistance of fatigue thin-walled struc-tures and their comparison with experimental data are presented. On the basis of the work carried out was drawn the conclusion that by using the method of calculation of fatigue longevity using modified fatigue curves , considering the structural features fragments of products, the convergence of the results of predicting fatigue life and test bench results obtained higher than by using tradi-tional techniques.

Traffic control and traffic safety

~~~Traffic control and traffic safety~~~

Erspective ecologically safe shumo-vibroprotective materials for cars of locomotive draft

Article considers modern shumo-vibroprotective materials for car building. Security measure of the person from vibration in cars are constructive improvements, applica-tion of means of external vibroprotection by uprugodempfiruyushchy materials and devices which take place between a source of vibration and the person, and also continuous control of serviceabil-ity of cars and their timely scheduled preventive repair as in use and wear there is an expressed strengthening of vibration. Considering that constructional features of cars provide compliance "To health regulations on the organization of passenger traffic on railway transport" in the course of formation of structures and at operation of cars there are the technical problems caused by aging (technical wear) cars, a detsentrovka, defects of a way, etc. that leads in practice to deterioration of an acoustic mode of internal rooms of cars. Comparative researches of sound-absorbing properties of a material from aramide fiber and ecologically safe material NOL-1A(B) are conducted. Decrease in noise levels in rooms of cars, due to use of modern materials is experimentally established. NO-L-1A use in a design of air ducts of cars of locomotive draft allows to reduce considerably noise level in rooms, and to raise ecological characteristics of cars.
~~~Traffic control and traffic safety~~~

The introduction of high hardness wheels - one of the innovative ways to improve the efficiency of freight wagons in operation

The analysis of the development of the wheels increased hardness on the example of certain manufacturers, and changing regulatory and technical documentation for production (GOST). A mathematical analysis of the comparison operation wheelsets normal hardness of the wheel pairs of high hardness, based on the receipt of freight wagons from production to unscheduled maintenance. For comparison methods were used: Cramer - Welch and Laplace function. The estimation of av-erage mileage of cars on different types of wheel sets of freight cars and production technology. Developed the basic advantages of high hardness wheelsets.

Transport management

~~~Transport management~~~

About approaches to the evaluation of actual energy savings, achieved for realization of service contracts energy

An approach to the evaluation the actual energy savings achieved when implementing service contracts energy, based on the development of mathematical models of power consumption, taking into account the impact of production and climatic factors. An example of the calculation of the ac-tual efficiency of introduction of energy-saving devices at the Sverdlovsk railway is presented
~~~Transport management~~~

Analysis of working conditions and incidence of conductors cars

Article considers the analysis of working conditions of conductors of cars. Major harmful and adverse production factors inherent in this profession: vibration, noise, dust content, chemicals, adverse microbiological atmosphere. Work of conductors belongs to category of «travelling» pro-fessions, and, bigger number of conductors are occupied on long trips, moving during 3 and more (till 7 days). The incidence structure also has a number of differences: at conductors of cars diseas-es of respiratory organs, bodies of blood circulation, bone and muscular system, a trauma and al-lergic diseases prevail. Diseases of respiratory system at conductors make more than a half of all cases of temporary disability and meet mainly in the form of ORZ, rhinitises, bronchitis and pneu-monia that indicates the need of regulation and normalization of the air environment of the car which is object of long stay and a conductor workplace.