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Journal of Transsib Railway Studies V.3(19), 2014

Railway rolling stock

~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Realization of mathematical model of process valves, fuel equipment of diesel locomotive engines for multiple accounts

The article describes the calculation of parameters of diesel fuel equipment on the nature of the change and the amount of fuel injection. Provides an implementation of the mathematical model of the fuel to be used when the kits before you install them on diesel and for calculation of parameters of parts used in the high pressure fuel pumps running on stands with a view to approximating the conditions of work in the booth to real conditions of a diesel engine and determine the correct performance of the pumps at the stand.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Theoretical bases of the dynamic interactions in oscillatory systems with kinematic couples of the forward type

The method of creation of mathematical models of the mechanical oscillatory systems which are turning on in the structure mechanisms with kinematic couples of slippage is offered. It is shown that introduction of mechanisms can be interpreted as introduction to initial model of the additional feedback, in general, to steering on absolute speedup and on an absolute deviation. A basis of the offered technology of creation of mathematical models are representations that in the presence of the mechanism or a mechanical chain of other look power and kinematic indignations form various structures of dynamic interactions. The analytical ratios defining dynamic properties of systems are received. The features of dynamic properties which are shown in various forms of dynamic interactions and frequency characteristics are considered.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Evaluation of the possibility of using thermal method for leakage testing of the boilerof a railroad tank car

The article presents the results of experimental studies to assess the possibility of using thermal methods of controlling the leakage of the boiler of a railroad tank car. This paper reflects the research of formation of the thermal field on the outer surface of the tank in the area of end-to-end defect such as a crack, by throttling through the gas medium due to the pressure differential. Presented thermograms show the localization of the defect with a detailed description of the anomalies of the thermal fields, recorded by the imager. Also confirmed the experiments described in the work on Joule and Thomson for throttling gas through local obstacle.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

New paradigm of kinematics «the wheel - the rail»

Subject of researches is determination and the justification of mathematical characteristics of motion of a railway wheel adequately reflecting the gear of its interaction with a rail. The activity purpose is adaptation of fundamental positions of the cycloidal curves reflecting motion of a circle to motion of conditional points of topological circles of section of a shroud of a railway wheel, having a difficult structure. The activity methodology is constructed on study and systematisation of fundamental investigations in the field of geometry, mathematics and mechanics of idealised motion of a circle in which basis mathematical properties of cycloidal curves are put. The model of motion of a wheel of a railway mounted axle (with immovable wheels on an axis) in which basis are put kinematic and mechanical properties golonomnykh systems is fetched. Following general golonomnykh, fundamental mathematical properties of system, analytical relations and ratio of kinematic parametres of a forward speed of railway vehicles and speed of interaction of wheels with rails which allow to supplement methodology of thrust calculations at us and in other countries are installed. By the current moment time in domestic practice use tens various formulas which actuate a component of linear speed of motion, instead of speed of interaction of wheels with rails, taking into account their physical and geometric parametres. Linear (translational) speed of motion of a wheel not absolutely adequately reflects the gear of interaction of wheels of railway vehicles with rails. The fundamental theory of cycloidal curves gives the chance is proved to normalise analytically speed motion of railway vehicles of various types, to designers and founders it a priori to form constructional and technology - economic characteristics warranting reliability, life and overall performance of the equipment dolly parts, reducing risk of a traffic security of trains.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Modeling accumulation of products depreciation in engine oil of diesel d49

Process operating diesel locomotive associated with the gradual deterioration of parts of the cylinder-piston and crank mechanism. Periodic assessment without taking for the pieces of these groups is possible when using a method based on an analysis of the current values of the control concentration of wear. One of the main problems in the implementation of this method is the problem of estimating the amount of metal worn with controlled parts on the analysis of the current values of the concentration of wear. The article describes the method of calculation and simulation results of the system clean engine oil diesel D49.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Feasibility study on application smesevs of types of fuel in diesel diesels

The main direction of decrease in operational costs on draft of trains is reduction of expenses by fuel and energy resources, decrease in repair expenses at the expense of increase of indicators of operational reliability of power installations of a diesel rolling stock. It is obvious that the solution of these problems, now when operational profitability of diesels and their reliability are on a limit for the developed service conditions and production of diesel locomotives, it is possible at the expense of application of alternative types of the fuel which use will allow to raise both reliability of a diesel rolling stock, and its profitability under operating conditions. One of such alternative fuels can, is either natural gas, or household oil gas, that is a butane and propane mix in various ratios. In the present article on the basis of mathematical models possible ecological and economic efficiency of use of мix types of fuel on the example of the diesel 2A - 5D49 is shown.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Thermographic study of collector-brush assembly traction motors of rolling stock

The results of infrared studies of the process of heating parts collector and brush assembly dc electrical machines. Proved diagnostic parameters for assessing the technical condition of the collector-brush assembly of electric motors: the ratio of changes in the elevation of temperature in time and space.

Transport power engineering

~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Alteration the algorithm of the rectifier-inverter converter for electric locomotive vl85 at the higher areas of regulation

In the article suggests a changing the algorithm of the rectifier-inverter converter electric locomotive VL85. This will allow the individuallyto regulatevoltageon traction engines. In this case willpreserve a singlecentralized system ofcontrol of allelectricconverters. The proposed solutions may be used for liquidation started spinning of wheel locomotive. Tractive force the remaining wheelsets will not decrease.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Improvement in the calculation methods for the traction power system

In general, improvement of methods for electrical calculations aimed at increasing the accuracy of the results. One of the ways to improve the methods of calculation is the account in the calculation of the various factors that affect the accuracy of calculation of the traction power system parameters. This article describes an approach aimed at improving the method of calculation in the electrical part to improve the accuracy by changing the algorithm for calculating and accounting for a number of additional factors.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Electric power quality management in traction power supply systems on the smart grid basis

Application intellectual networks (smart grid) technologies for electric power quality management in systems of alternating current railroads’ power supply are considered. The structure of intellectual traction power supply system is described. Classification of management technical means for electric power modes and quality is given. The algorithm of intellectual electrical power traction systems modes’ modeling is offered. This algorithm differs by sharing of imitating and dynamic models of the active smart grid elements in its basis. The modeling results confirm applicability of the developed methods for the solution of electric power quality management’s problems.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Determination of the optimal parameters of energy storage devices to manage railway's electrical loads

The article describes a method for controlling electrical loads rail consumers using energy storage. Different types of energy storage devices used in rail transport were considered. Performed the optimization problem formulation, selected criteria and the method for its solution. As an optimization method used the method of Hooke-Jeeves. A method is proposed to determine the optimal parameters and the optimal control law of charging and discharging of the energy storage. The criteria and calculation expressions that can be used in the design and feasibility study of the effectiveness of implementation of the stationary energy storage for managing schedules loads rail consumers. The mathematical expression was proposed for the energy storage capacity determination. Two criteria were considered in the optimization problem: a minimum active power losses and minimum reduced costs, and a comparison of results. The form factor used to evaluate the changes in electrical loads. Control of reactive power in the AC mains can realize using semiconductor converters and an energy storage. As a variant the electrochemical cells (lithium-titanate batteries) could be used as energy storage for rail electric consumers. As a result, optimal control of electrical loads allows to get technical and economic effects.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Usage of 1-phase transformer with additional tap at medium point of secondary winding simulator for system of traction motor excitation current stabilization investigation

Single-phase transformer with an additional tap at the middle point of the secondary winding is a very common element in the various electrical circuits, including on-board electric rolling stock. A typical case is powered from the transformer zero full-wave rectification circuit. The aim of the article is to provide a detailed description of the computer model developed by the author of said transformer, built on the basis of a combination of circuit and operational design principles. The proposed model can also be used to describe the process in a single-phase two-winding transformer without additional tap, given the possible connection group I / I-6 or I / I-0. Connection groups can be considered individually for each half of the secondary winding in case of using of additional tap. Shows an example of embedding the transformer model in a more complex computer model of the electric traction DC motors excitation current stabilization system, which includes a computer model of a saturable reactor, thyristor rectifier, system of pulse-phase rectifier control and control loop with a proportional-integral current regulator and boost nonlinearity. Obtained during the simulation graphics excitation current in the field winding of collector traction motor and its reactive component show that the above system of stabilization of the current and its computer model of functional and successfully fulfill their functions: at the downturn of the armature current excitation current is maintained by the growth of the current make-up of excitation control rectifier. The correct operation and ease of use of the developed computer model of a single-phase transformer with an additional tap at the middle point of the secondary winding is stated.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Automated monitoring of energy efficiency operation of the electric rolling stock of jsc «russian railways»

The presence of ever-changing electrical traction load, distributed not only in time but also in space leads to the complexity of the detailed monitoring of the energy efficiency of the organization trains JSC «Russian Railways». Therefore one of the priorities of the energy strategy of JSC «Russian Railways» is the introduction of innovative technical tools and technologies. The paper discusses the main provisions and some functionality created automated information-measuring complex accounting of electric energy in the electric rolling stock. Reviewed the processing of data for evaluation of energy efficiency of trains on the basis of the developed system.

Information technology, automation, communications, telecommunications

~~~Information technology, automation, communications, telecommunications~~~

Analysis of security access wireless technology wi – fi, used in railway infrastructure facilities

The authors analyze the information security of modern technology of computer networks wireless communication. The analysis of international providers and statistics for multiple violations of the basic standards of safety and conclusions on their safety. Key recommendations are deploying Wi-Fi networks for infrastructure of railway transport.

Traffic control and traffic safety

~~~Traffic control and traffic safety~~~

Model group features rolling stock

The article solves the problem of optimal selection of rolling stock within groups according to the criterion of minimum sum of squared deviations of the current values of a given metric on the evaluation of their mathematical expectations for group objects. The solution obtained on the basis of methods based on ideas integer programming using Boolean variables and concepts of the relation between objects and between groups of objects.
~~~Traffic control and traffic safety~~~

Continuous monitoring of coordinates rolling stock on the railway track of hump yard

This paper deals with the determination of the coordinates of the rolling stock for the railway station. Proposed and justified the use of mathematical tools of conformal mappings. The results of the experiment are shown.
~~~Traffic control and traffic safety~~~

About influence of conditions freight placement on traffic safety of trains and transportation cost

Placement and fastening of freights, at their transportation by appointment to stations of the railroads Russian Federations, is made according to provisions of Specifications of placement and fastening of freights in cars and containers TsM - 943 (TU). Requirements of the TU separate points influence not only traffic safety of trains, but also the cost of transportation and as a result - JSC «RZD».
~~~Traffic control and traffic safety~~~

Peculiarities of the technical railway stations’ development within the transit transport nodes of the far east region

One of the priority areas of economic development of the Far East Region is focused on the communications with the countries of the Asia-Pacific Region. The region is crossed by the largest railways, such as Trans-Sib and Baikal-Amur, which have an access to the Far East seaports that promotes the growth of international trade operations and the increase of the transit traffic in the region. An expansion of transport and economic relations of our country in the Far East Region, the implementation of a considerable number of extractive industry programs ​​ within Baikal-Amur Region, the development of the sea ports of the Far East Region will cause the growth of the workload on the rail infrastructure that is impossible without its development and modernization. An important role in the transport process belongs to the technical stations, which handle all transit trains traffic. Therefore, at the current state, the consideration of the aspects of choosing the rational variants of railway transit nodes’ development with allowance for the environmental factors is timely.

Transport management

~~~Transport management~~~

Methodology for predicting transportation work volume by constructing a time trend

The authors propose the methodology of transportation on railway transport forecasting based on the construction of temporal trends.