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Journal of Transsib Railway Studies V.1(21), 2015

Railway rolling stock

~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Calculation of combustion in the cylinder of a diesel engine that runs on gas-and-diesel cycle

The article presents the method of calculating the amount of products of combustion of diesel fuel, gas-and-diesel and model calculations are made in relation to the diesel engine 16ЧН26/26 (2A-5D49). Parameters of the working cycle of a diesel engine operating on different types of hydrocarbon fuels, derived using a combination of methods Grinevetskiy-Mazinga and vibe. Calculation of the amount of harmful emissions and the amount of greenhouse gases is made using the method of equilibrium composition due to changes in the thermodynamic parameters and elemental composition of fuel burnup fuel mixture the positions of controller driver
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Influence chemical properties of polymers and modes ir-energy supply on the strength and plasticity insulation in local technology to extend the life of electric cars traction rolling stock

In order to extend the service life of electric machines traction rolling stock has been proposed recovery technology insulation using infrared energy, will improve the quality of insulation in terms of the breakdown voltage and hardness. This article analyzes and estimated of experimental studies conducted in two different meaningful of the work in this direction. Presents an analysis these works in terms of distinctive features and conclusions of the pilot studies. According to the analysis formulated a new hypothesis about the need to address when capsulating the insulation and its elasticity. Also set new directions for future research.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Construction of a mathematical model of the process gas outflow through small body opening boiler railroad tank cars

The paper describes a mathematical model of gas-dynamic movement through the through defects in the body of the boiler tank cars. The mathematical model allows to take into account the processes of gas flow at low pressure drop and the impact of the level of roughness of the inner surface of the through channel formation jet escaping gas. The comparison of the results of theoretical modeling and experimental studies of the velocity of the gas flow and temperature under different conditions. The study identified the laws of gas flow through a series of classic models through defects. Shows the dependence of the temperature of the escaping gas flow from the exhaust velocity and the level of roughness of the internal surface of the through channel, which allows us to estimate the nature of gas flow and temperature gradient. The obtained results allow to adjust the level of sensitivity to rejection temperature during thermal leakage control boilers railway tanks.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Application of statistical methods through dpu diagnistics

Modern locomotive on board microprocessor-based control systems (MSU) can be used for not only controlling locomotive equipment, but for analyzing the process of their functioning too by means of mathematical statistics. It is confirmed by authors of this article. Through the article is offered method of nearby-failure condition diagnostic by the means of MSU data correlation analysis.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Generalized evaluation of technical condition of the diesel locomotive power plant functional subsystems

The article discusses the approach to generalized evaluation of technical condition of the diesel locomotive power plant functional subsystems based on the reduction of private parameters extracted by results of the analysis graph model to one-dimensional time function with use of mathematical expression of a nonlinear medium. Results of generalized evaluation of technical condition of the power plant fuel system are presents.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Rationale for selection design scheme of railway vehicles for evaluation pulse influence from path

A mathematical model describing the dynamics of mechanical oscillatory systems «rolling stock train -railway track» in the vertical longitudinal plane of symmetry. Is equivalent to converting the design scheme. Linearization of nonlinear characteristics in ways. A model of the «generalized» track to assess the existing shock pulses from the joints of rails.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Extension of service life of the carriage wheels arriving in repair with defects of the thermomechanical origin

In article the question about possibility of extension of service life of carriage wheels by influence on technological parameters of restoration of their driving profile is considered. The correlation analysis of statistical data on volumes of machining and the size of defects on a driving surface of the wheels coming to repair is made. The mechanism of purpose of an allowance for machining of a driving profile of a wheel which will allow to reduce an unreasonable consumption of metal of a rim of a wheel in shaving is offered.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Numerical study of thermal contact processes gidrofriktsionnom vibration dampersfor high speed electric rolling

The article proposes a numerical-analytical method based on the boundary element method (Method of Boundary Elements Technology), which used to assess of change patterns of temperature fields in the working fluid in hydro-friction vibration damper telescopic view when the ambient temperature changes. This method takes into account the physico-mechanical properties of the working fluid and the effect of corrosion pouring temperature, ambient temperature, the speed of electric rolling stock and the working liquid filling height.

Transport power engineering

~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Investigation of electrostatic field on the insulator strings catenary

The article describes themain types ofdamageinsulatorscontact network, presents statisticsfortheirfailures. Identified weaknessesin existing methodsof diagnosingsayabout the relevance ofthe problem, especially in the areasof railwaysDC. Made experimental investigationson the measurementof the electrostaticfield on theinsulator strings. Analysis of the studiesshowed that the presencein the string of faultyinsulatorsleadsto an increase inthe electrostatic fieldaround them. Proposed a technicaldevice noncontact measurementof electrostatic fieldandmethod of determining thefaultyinsulatorin the string.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Optimization of graphic time-table to the criterion of electrical energy’s expenditure for traction on the railways sections in the conditions of using the regenerative braking

A method to an assessment of influence on the expenditure of electrical energy for traction of trains, parameters of graphic time-table in the conditions of using the regenerative braking is being considered in the article. The retrieval of version with the minimal using of energy is based on the modeling of graphic time-table by different train-to-train intervals in the conditions of burst-mode access’ organization on the railway section. By results of modeling it is proposed to represent the derived dependence by changing of electrical energy’s expenditure on parameters of graphic time-table in the form of analytic function of several variables n-order forthe following using by normative plotting of movement for the purpose of curtailing electrical energy’s expenditure for traction on the trains.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Controlling the irrational electricity consumption for train traction by the use of information-measuring systems of electricity metering on the rolling stock

The article describes the types of irrational electric power losses for train traction and sets the annual planning levels of their improvement. Represented the basic methods of irrational electric power losses determination which are currently used in JSC "Russian Railways". Shown an example of the irrational losses determining algorithm in case of making up for train delay and given its description. Formulated technical results of the proposed method for determining the irrational electric power losses .

Information technology, automation, communications, telecommunications

~~~Information technology, automation, communications, telecommunications~~~

Improvement of methods of «background subtraction» for searching moving objects at railway crossings through computer vision

This article describes the approaches to extract from the video sequence of areas relating to movable objects, which may cause a dangerous situation at a railway crossing. The proposed approach will improve the quality of the mobile object allocation, which will reduce the time image processing to identify moving objects in order to determine the degree of risk. To assess the quality of algorithms was develop a software product and simulated motion capture.
~~~Information technology, automation, communications, telecommunications~~~

An approach to information access control based on hidden monitoring of computer system users: portrait disloyal employees

The article is devoted to checking the validity of the hypothesis that the information on a user's computer system, obtained on the basis of covert monitoring of standard peripherals allow timely recognize disloyal behavior and prevent the realization of the internal threats to information security, which is important for the information systems of rail transport.
~~~Information technology, automation, communications, telecommunications~~~

Gaming and topological models of information security

The article outlines the principles of quantitative evaluation of information security from the viewpoint of the theory of games. Definitions of the game matrix and its quantitative interpretation. Offered practically implemented method of analysis, planning and design of information security based on the proposed models.

Railway and engineering structures

~~~Railway and engineering structures~~~

Building simulation model the required quality parameters at rail grinding

It is considered how reliability of the grinding technology influences on the quality parameters of the treated surface. The results of analysis of relationship between quality of the rails grinding and conditions of its treatment are represented. Factors affecting on reliability of the technology are reviewed also. The model determining the reliability of the rails grinding technology in the railway is represented. Also the algorithm of calculation of the grinding technology reliability is represented. It’s reviewed how the quality parameters are formed during the rails grinding.

Traffic control and traffic safety

~~~Traffic control and traffic safety~~~

Assessment of operational characteristics of transport knot

In article the problem of determination of length of turn of structures, the total loading capacity of the transport which isn't provided with freight, quantity of freight of the transport knot which is in a timepoint in a warehouse on the basis of definition of distribution of a random variable of the freight expecting loading or unloading, and also the free capacity of vehicles taking into account restrictions on the capacity of warehouses is considered. During the solution of a task the following assumptions are accepted: capacity of cargo handling devices of transport knot isn't limited; time of the translation of giving of cars for the pogruzoch-but-unloading front and back isn't considered. The structure is understood as conditional structure which loading capacity is equal to the total loading capacity of some party of real structures, and the moment of its arrival - to the arrival moment on transport knot of the last of them. The received results can be used for determination of optimum values of warehouse capacities and a technological stock of freight of transport knot at the set goods turnover.

Transport management

~~~Transport management~~~

The evaluation of the repair quality of coaches

This article proposed a new method that determines the level of repair quality for any accounting period during the overhaul exploitation. A test example of depot repair quality of coaches is given.