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Journal of Transsib Railway Studies V.2(22), 2015

Railway rolling stock

~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

State question reliability and durability insulation induction auxiliary machines

This article presents an analysis of the reliability of asynchronous auxiliary machines (AAM) type NVA-55 electric locomotives «Ermak» in custody Art. Vihorevka (East-Siberian Railway) and Art. Smolyaninovo (Far Eastern) for the 2009-2011 year. Identified the weakest in terms of reliability components and analyzes the main types and causes of these types of faults AAM. One of the research objectives reliability AAM type NVA-55 is to determine the mean time between failures that could prevent failures in the organization of maintenance and repair, as well as extend the life of the machine. Defining the objective mathematical expectation of failure AAM for effective correcting the overhaul life mileage is not possible, since failures are largely have random and not permanent.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Test passenger cars railways to heat resistance

In the article the most effective way to detect heat losses associated with loose-Stu walling. A method for use of aerodynamic and thermodynamic - cal research with the possibility of the use of rail transport.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Physical and chemical foundations of estimation residual resource components freight wagonsrailways transport

It was shown that during operation, under the influence of high alternating loads is change of physical and mechanical properties of the metal, which leads to decrease in toughness. New method for estimate residual resource of components freight cars railway transport is presented. This method is based on the study of structural changes metals during their exploitation. On the basis of monitoring structural changes in metals during their exploitation may be developed effective system estimate of residual resource.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Dynamic model for research longitudinal oscillations of electric locomotives main frame including installation dampens absorbing devices in the coupler

This article presents dynamic model for numerical researches of oscillations of the main frame of an electric locomotive taking into account the impact of longitudinal efforts arising in the automatic coupler.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

The research technique of pulse disturbance from rail joints railway crew

Formed research methodology of assessing the impact of pulsed exposure with the one-hundred-Rhone joints of rails on the performance of the dynamic characteristics of the train crew. The dependence of the coefficient of the effect of pulse repetition on the level of energy dissipation in the system and the speed of the crew.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Calculation of settings centrifugal filter of diesel oil system

The reliability of diesel engines is mainly determined by the reliability of operation parts of the cylinder-piston group and crank mechanism. High-quality cleaning of engine oil during operation of mechanical impurities, provided filters coarse, fine filter and centrifugal filter, reduces the rate of wear and tear. The results of simulation of a centrifugal filter to assess its efficiency and the quality of screenings of particles of different sizes in the process of exploitation.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Traction engines turn-to-turn armature coil insulation testing process using the method of wave response readout

The article deals with the suitability of wave response method aptitude for traction engines turn-to-turn armature coil insulation testing and development of testing coil adequate model for further researching of physical processes occurring while testing. The method of wave response readout in armature coil reported is described in the article. The equivalent circuit of armature coil relating to wave response method is given. The wave responses got during physical model testing, simulating in MATLAB are shown. The real and simulating results analysis allows you to approve the proposed equivalent circuit adequacy. This equivalent circuit may be used for simulating of traction engines insulation fails relating to wave response method.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

The thermovision method application for the dc traction motor collector-brush unit area thermal processes research

The aim of the work, the results of which are presented in this article, is to identify effective parameter of the heating process in the collector-brush unit of DC traction motor. The article suggests a detailed equivalent thermal equation of DC traction collector-brush unit. An experiment in a laboratory according to the theory of experimental design in the central rotatable terms of the second order are held, and the analysis of the results are presented. A method for processing the results of thermographic study of the machine is described. The regression equation, reflecting the degree of influence of the mode parameters of the machine on the intensity of the heating area of traction motor collector-brush unit, is compiled. The correct use of mathematical apparatus is confirmed by quantitative calculations Student's criteria assessing the significance of the coefficients of equations and F-Fisher criterion within the 5 % significance level. The results can be used to supplement the methods of DC traction motors and collector-brush unit technical condition diagnostics.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Features current collection in the collector-brush unit traction motors electric locomotives 2es6

Work collector-brush assembly largely affects the operational reliability of the DC traction motors. The article presents results of the simulation of contact interaction «brush-collector» in the 2ES6 electric locomotive traction motors. Reviewed influence of the design features of the brush holder, conditions and modes of operation on the quality of switching traction motors. On the basis of theoretical and experimental studies offered recommendations to improve the quality of contact «brush-collector» and to ensure the operational reliability of the traction motors.

Transport power engineering

~~~Transport power engineering~~~

About calculating of fuel supply process in locomotive diesels working on low-viscosity fuels

The analyze of fuel supplying methods in diesels with respect of fuel properties was implemented. The new method was suggested, which can estimate impact of physical and energy fuel properties on power and economic indexes of a diesel. The diesel effective work conditions on low-viscosity fuels are formulated, including regulation and constructive changes in fuel supply system.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Comparative analysis of fuzzy neural network structures for formation model of electricity consumption in the traction power supply system

Nowadays fuzzy neural networks are widely used for modeling of complex industrial processes. The paper considers the application of fuzzy logic to generate a mathematical model of electricity consumption in rail transport for example, traction substation Dorogino. Algorithm for choice of the structure of fuzzy neural network including the species and number of membership functions for input and the number of training cycles is presented. Comparative analysis of the structures by evaluating the mean square error is made.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

The wave processes study in the overhead system and power lines

According to electric calculations, the overhead system and power lines being the part of the railway power supply are distributed parameters circuits. Wave processes in the overhead system have a negative impact on the power supply lines, laid in the vicinity of the railway, and increase the power losses in the traction power supply system. For the study of wave processes the method of mathematical modeling of non-sinusoidal signals transmission to the uniform two-wire distributed parameters line is provided. The mathematical model is based on the well-known line differential equations (telegraph equations) using Fourier series. The power line is a three-wire line. The paper presents an algorithm to bring the power line equations to the form of two-wire line equations. To assess the correctness of the mathematical model the research was carried out on the physical model of the line. Using the mathematical model there were given the findings of distributed parameters circuits various modes. The proposed method of mathematical modeling of different shape signals transmission to the distributed parameters line adequately reflects the phenomena occurring in the line and can be used for the analysis of electromagnetic processes both in the overhead system and power lines.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

The power selection and placement of devicescross-reactive power compensation

Global investment projects of JSC "Russian Railways" to increase turnover suggest an increase in the load on the existing areas of electrified railways, in connection with what is urgent problem of passing the required number of pairs of trains at railway stations. Electricity consumption in railways AC characterized by a rather high consumption of reactive power due to the specifics of electric rolling alternating current, which leads to increased levels of stress and loss of power and, consequently, reduce the energy efficiency and the potential capacity and carrying capacity of the railways. One of the least capital-intensive, and in some cases the only possible rational way to strengthen the system of traction power supply AC is the use of transverse devices for reactive power compensation. The article describes the method of determining the power and choice of accommodations in the area of ​​the railway regulated and unregulated devices transverse reactive power compensation systems, traction power supply 25 kV and 2 × 25 kV. The calculation of the input impedance of the external inductance and traction power supply, the main options for power supply circuits and sectioning traction network devices and placing transverse compensation of reactive power, check to ensure a minimum level of voltage at the pantograph of electric rolling stock. The results can be used as the design of new railway sections, and in dealing with increasing the capacity of sites in operation.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

The monitoring of the execution of the specific regeneration’s norms within the ambit of the arbitrary monitoring’s area of the dc area

The article discusses a problem of the efficiency of the regenerative braking’s increase on the DC railway section. For the detection of the causes of the decrease of the specific regeneration’s level on the area an algorithm is offered, which enables to determine the causes of the decrease of the specific regeneration’s level on the arbitrary monitoring’s area in view of the determination of the locomotive’s capacity for work, work parameters of the electric traction system and the executed graphic time-table. In the article the main phases of the algorithm’s work were considered by the example of the one of the railway sections.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Evaluation of electrical ground for rail traction network devices in the application insulating materials at major railway repairs

Recently, during overhaul of the railway track using modern materials such as geotextiles and penoplex. In turn, they make significant changes to the structure of the ballast, t. To. Are almost insulators. OSTU experimentally it has been ascertained that the contact resistance in the case of using a new type of cloth can be raised to 45 - 150 Om*km. Obviously, this leads to a significant increase in the capacity of the rail relative to a distant ground and can cause injury to personnel operating the traction members network. To determine the capacity of the rail at any point area must take into account the redistribution of power in the elements of the rail network, ie. E. In the rail and the transition resistance «rail - the land». The rail network is characterized by longitudinal rails Zp kilometricheskim resistance, transition resistance «rail - land» rp-s, and the characteristic impedance ZB kilometricheskim spreading factor γ rail network. Analysis of the results lead to the following conclusions: 1) contact resistance «rail-to-earth» has a significant impact on the value of the potentials arising on the elements of reverse current flow circuit; 2) the growth of the resistance «rail-to-earth», associated with seasonal fluctuations in soil resistivity, as well as in recent times, with the capital reconstruction of the roadbed, resulting in a significantly longer (up to several tens of kilometers) area, for which the potential can reach hazardous the value of human life; 3) in the circuit mode on a rail (m. E. When a metal short circuit) almost always rail network will occur potentials exceeding admissible values for several kilometers in both directions from the point of fault, which leads to removal of the dangerous potential at all metal construction connected with the rail and therefore requires a review of the principles of grounding structures.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Development algorithm for determining cause of the damage and responsibility for participants of the transportation process at unsatisfied locomotive crews specific norms power to travel

The article deals with measures to improve the energy efficiency of the transportation process. The necessity of creation of an automated system for monitoring the energy efficiency of the electric rolling stock. The algorithm, which allows to determine the reasons for non-locomotive crew specific rules of electricity on the trip. Developed form of protocols, reflecting the information on losses of electricity on the basis of a trip with the time and place of their origin.

Information technology, automation, communications, telecommunications

~~~Information technology, automation, communications, telecommunications~~~

Software module of improving quality of images in recognition problems

The article describes a software module of the initial image processing which allows to perform the contour image analysis in order to find, recognize and evaluate graphic images of various types of inhomogeneities. Application of software module will improve the accuracy of the evaluation of the internal surface of closed vessels in the absence of access control.

Transport management

~~~Transport management~~~

Organizational and technological parameters of operation of bearing railway track machines cyclic action

The models of complex organizational and technological parameters of operation of liner-straightening machines cyclic action on the example of the VPR-02 and VPRS-02 using a probabilistic assessment of the reliability of their work. For her study conducted two etapa checks: logical and mathematical. After sampling in accordance with GOST 8.207-76 inspect it belongs-rise normal distribution using Pearson's chi-squared test. Next calculated reliability and risk completion of the planned scope of work machine systems, complexes, components and individual machines in the planned period of time. The models are based on actual field tests of databases, technical and economic indicators of machines, components and systems in real operating conditions. This model optimizes track works with a given reliability at stave-builder, all kinds of repair and current maintenance of railway track. And also give the opportunity to the WHO-define more rational modes of operation of track machines for you, edits, tamping and straightening the railway line, thereby increasing pa O-workings of these machines. They enable organizations operating these machines more reasonably expect the required number of cars processes track works, their cost and labor. The proposed method models quantify the technical reliability of the liner-straightening machines; allow predicting the main complex organizational and technological performance of a particular machine at the design stage of technological processes track works. This method is versatile and can be used to evaluate the technical reliability of any machine systems, components and separate machines.
~~~Transport management~~~

Optimization of methodological approaches to the concept of «biological factor» priminitelno rail transport

Article is devoted to production and occupational exposure to «biological factor» for workers оf railway transport. Purpose - improving the system of occupational safety in railway transport under the influence of workers pathogenic organisms. To identify gaps in the system of assessment «biological factor» has been studied Russian normative documentation for a special assessment of working conditions and carried out long-term work on hygienic assessment of working conditions. The article defines the term «biological factor», justify the need for of risk assessment of the harmful factor, expand the list of sources and professional group of railway workers potentially exposed to «biological factor». In this article presents a device for protection and prophylaxis railway workers from biological factor. The principle of operation of the device is based on the integrated use of methods of ultrasonic treatment and ionization to disinfect the indoor air of railway stations, bus stations, subway stations. According to the results of studying the Russian regulatory documentation in the transportation of dangerous goods by railway, identified the main problems and their solutions, in terms of biological safety: formulated the term «biologically dangerous goods»; the necessity of creating a class or sub-class «biologically dangerous goods» and its implementation in the existing rules; developed a simple list of «biologically dangerous goods»; the possibility of the impact of these goods on railway workers.