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Journal of Transsib Railway Studies V.4(24), 2015

Railway rolling stock

~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

The analyses of efficiency of use of the locomotive tractions on the plainly direction of railway track

The introduced results of the investigation by valuation of efficiency the employment of the locomotives of the diesel (the diesel locomotives 3TE10M, UzTE16M3) and of the electrical (the electric locomotives 3VL80S) tractions in the plainly direction of railway track by the method of averagin design values. Modified average significances main indicator move working of the investigations of the diesel locomotives 3TE10M, UzTE16M3 of the evaluation mind numeral and table facts, and also graphic arts dependences, representative oneself arithmetical mean value with taking into account of the movement goods trains without any stops and with stops on the spaces stations, passing - tracks and divides points, which have received in the result to uses of the traction calculation for different conditions organization of the goods movement. Designate equations for organization calculation values mention exponents in the accepted range changing of the masses trains
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Ambient temperature of the cooling system on diesel and units

The article deals with the cooling and heating of individual components and assemblies diesel engines at low ambient temperatures. The more attention is paid to the description of the characteristics of the intensity of the cooling water system of diesel locomotive engines. The article presents the results of investigation of the outdoor temperature , operating conditions of load and no-load on the cooling system of. The parameters of the cooling water and engine oil that characterize the thermal conditions of the diesel engine. We reviewed and analyzed various ways of warming systems, diesel engines using airborne and stationary devices. The work is aimed at improving the efficiency of diesel locomotive at warming by reducing the operating time of the diesel engine is idling.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Improvement of safety devices of high-speed current collectors

Now the problem of development of the high-speed and high-speed movement on the main railway transport that is connected by increase of traffic safety of trains and ensuring reliable work of contact suspension brackets and current collectors of an electrorolling stock is actual. For increase of reliable work of current collectors there are some ways one of which is creation of the safety devices which are built in a design of current collectors and providing their automatic lowering in emergencies. In Omsk State Transport University the current collector equipped with safety devices of new generation on the basis of the operated pneumatic devices and providing protection at failure or the increased wear of contact elements, and also breakages of a runner is developed; at rise on height of more admissible at departure of an electrorolling stock for the sign «End of a Contact Suspension Bracket» or break of contact wires; at blows and arrivals on obstacles in a contact suspension bracket. For control and management of operation of safety devices the protective pneumatic contour located on the basis of a current collector in the special case is used. At operation of one of safety devices there is a depressurization of the pneumohighway of a protective contour therefore pressure of compressed air the drive of a current collector decreases and it falls under the influence of own gravity. Restoration of a current collector possibly only in the conditions of depot or point of maintenance of locomotives. Calculation of characteristics and parameters of the device of protection at blows and arrivals on obstacles in a contact suspension bracket needs to be carried out by the given technique for zones of normal, dangerous and emergency work. For an assessment of operability of safety devices and definition of their main technical indicators and parameters in laboratory of OSTU the shock and oscillatory complex is developed for research of interaction of a current collector with a contact network.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Performance features asynchronous electric locomotive auxiliary machines ac on east siberian line

This article analyzes the conditions of work of asynchronous auxiliary machines (AVM) electric AC, mainly operated on the network of the East-Siberian railway. Presented the experimental data on the dependence of the motor phase currents ANE 225 locomotive VL 85 on the value of the supply voltage, the duration of start - MC with an induction motor, depending on the voltage of contact network, change the moment of resistance of the compressor depending on the air temperature. Reviewed the features work of the AVM, in particular, their alternate launch of its own needs winding of traction transformer. As a result of systematization of operating conditions affecting the isolation of AVM in order to optimize the parameter tracking their rate of wear, which resulted in the allocated two major factors of aging insulation overheating and vibration, and one factor that increases the probability of failure, regardless of the degree of aging of insulation - it moisturized
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Improvement of diagnostic provision for wheel-motor units of electric trains

The results of experimental research on the diagnostic features of wheel-motor unit assemblies dependence on the speed of the wheel-pair. The parameters of the distribution of diagnostic features are given and a method of providing higher reliability of diagnostics of electric train WMU is provided
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Analytical capabilities for complex aes spectrometry for the control defects rail track

The aim of the work, the results of which are presented in this article, is to a study of the impact of physical and mechanical properties of rail steel on the parameters of the spectrum emission. The experimental results were obtained by method of atomic emission spectroscopy (AES) in argon. Performed quantitative analysis material of the rail steel and built a multi-dimensional graduations of the description of the spectral lines correlate with changes in the hardness of steel. The results can be used to extend the capabilities of devices atomic-emission spectral analysis
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Some mathematical aspects of research «rigid» dynamic model, describing the interaction between wheel and rail

The article sets out the methodology of the study of a rigid mathematical model describing locomotive wheel and rail interaction, taking into account the hypothesis f. Carter. On the basis of the application of the theorem N.A. Tikhonova derived the differential equation for determining the rate of slippage of wheel pair on Rails. Determine the time dependence for the establishment of a process of kinematic slippage of wheel pair on Rails from the wheel speeds and locomotive, from inertial characteristics of trains and the wheel, as well as the coefficient of creep, annexed to the torque of wheel pair and the State of the surfaces of the Rails.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Justification of design parameters tooling for repair of parts rolling stock with regard to dimensional relationships assembly units

The article describes the case of using the dimensional coordination of the working surfaces of housings of the vehicle-axle boxes of freight cars in the truck mod. 18-100 to determine the design parameters of the technological tools used to perform the machining operation surfaces after coating to ensure wear compensation. The parameters of technological devices grounded. Powered generally constructive solution.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Automated full-service system for traction machines insulation diagnostics

The aim of this article is an advancement of state estimation process of traction machines insulation. Diagnosis method brief analysis is given. The structure of traction machines insulation state automated full-service diagnosis system developing is offered, as well as the operation algorithm of the system. The algorithm of testing results estimation based on diagnosis characteristics group is given.

Transport power engineering

~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Standard legal support activities for energy saving in holding «russian railways»

Results of the analysis of normative and legal documents of the Russian Federation, and also the internal normative documents establishing the main target indicators and requirements to activities for energy saving in «Russian Railways» Holding are given in article. Need of carrying out updating of Power strategy of «Russian Railways» Holding and revision of the list is proved by the mechanism of its realization.

Information technology, automation, communications, telecommunications

~~~Information technology, automation, communications, telecommunications~~~

Prediction of coefficient of hurst by means of methods of analytical forecasting

The technique of a prediction of coefficient of Hurst on the basis of various ways of a prediction is offered. For a choice of a method of a prediction errors of underestimation and revaluation are entered. It is shown that if not to consider fluctuation of value of coefficient of Hurst, the demanded parameters of a multiservice network, the allocated resources of a network used for calculation or will be insufficiently for high-quality service of the arriving traffic (that is QoS indicators will worsen), or resources of a network will be inefficiently used.

Railway and engineering structures

~~~Railway and engineering structures~~~

Definition of consumption rates of materials on the current maintenance of the way

The technique and algorithm of definition of consumption rates of materials on the current maintenance of a way depending on freight density, the passed tonnage, the plan and a profile of sites of a way, axial loadings of a rolling stock is given. Standards are developed on the basis of the analysis of the existing normative documents, statistical data from forms of primary accounting of PU-74 of the consumption of materials, annual reports of linear sites and other sources. Depending on service conditions standards are determined by analytical dependences and the correcting coefficients.
~~~Railway and engineering structures~~~

Study of strength characteristics under ground loess vibrodynamic stresses resulting from movement of trains at a speed of 200 - 250 km/h

The results of the study the strength characteristics of loess loam under triaxial when exposed vibrodynamic load of high-speed trains. Research carried out on triaxial vibration, based on the principle of operation of the plant simulation vibrodynamic exposure to periodic changes in hydrostatic pressure in the working chamber triaxial. The experimental values of specific cohesion and angle of internal friction, and the values of their relative decline under the influence of vibrodynamic load.

Traffic control and traffic safety

~~~Traffic control and traffic safety~~~

Comparative evaluation of dynamic loading gondola with different types of trucks (18-9810 and 18-100)

In the article the comparative analysis of the dynamic loading of the floor of the car with different types of trucks in various modes of movement (loaded, empty). Commissioning of the new trucks is due to an increase in accidents in the operation of a gondola carts 18-100.
~~~Traffic control and traffic safety~~~

Substantiation and development of a generalized approach to modeling of dynamic interaction in the process of vibrational technological surface hardening parts transport machines

The hypothesis of formation of vibration conditions of a working environment based on representation that process of formation of interaction of elements in systems with not holding connections is considered as the process consisting of several phases is offered. Those are: contact phases at which reaction of connection is positive; a phase of a transition state when reaction is equal to zero; a gap phase in which the contacting surfaces can make the independent movements. Research problems are focused on specification of theoretical ideas of dynamic interactions of a solid body with the vibrating surface on the basis of the developed mathematical models received at introduction of additional external forces and elastic connections. Dynamic interactions of elements are considered; analytical approaches in an assessment of opportunities of vibration technological processes with continuous tossing of a working environment are defined and developed. The generalized approach for problems of dynamic synthesis which basis is introduction of concept about the function of a gap allowing to prove creation of trajectories of movements of material particles according to the certain criteria reflecting properties of trajectories of the movement of material particles in interaction with the vibrating surface is offered. The method of creation of mathematical models of formation of vibration interactions taking into account the factors having technological value or criteria to which conditions of realization of the multiple modes, influence of additional forces and elastic connections belong is developed. Within the generalized approach to the solution of problems of dynamic interaction of the loose environment with the vibrating surface possibilities of use of function of a gap for an assessment and research of forms of the movement of material particles according to influence of a number of the factors reflecting parameters of a vibration field, condition of interactions with environment and features of formation of the periodic modes of tossing are considered. The theorem of conditions and opportunities of realization of the steady modes of interaction with the vibrating surface is proved. The analytical ratios defining conditions of realization of forms of processes of interaction of a loose working environment with details in technologies of vibration hardening are received. Results of approbation of recommendations about creation of technological processes in the annex to an industrial technological complex are proposed.