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Journal of Transsib Railway Studies V.2(26), 2016

Railway rolling stock

~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Researching an exploitation of 3те10м diesel locomotive on a hilly-mountainous direction of "uzbekistan railways" jsc

The article includes research results of analyzing and evaluating 3ТЕ10М diesel locomotive`s efficiency on a hilly-mountainous direction Marokand-Navoi of Uzbekistan railways while hauling freight trains with and without stopping on through stations (division points).Main parameters of basic movement work of researched UzTE16M3 diesel locomotives are shown as tabled values and graphic dependencies,also equations of organizing necessary calculations mentioned above in accepted range of mass variation are marked here.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Rationale for selection series electric lovomotives ulaanbaatar railway

The methodology of calculation of the maximum weight of the composition of wagons.The calculation of the maximum weight of the composition of freight trains and wagons locomotive 2TE116 electric 2ES5K under the Ulaanbaatar Railway.Presented by the rationale for the choice of an electric series for Ulan-Bator Railway.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Justification of scheduler slopes the ballast technological process modernization railway track

The design of the working body planner slopes for liner-tamping-finishing machine VPO-3000. Based on the analysis of existing designs of planners ball-fin track machines (VPO-3000,SZP-600R,PB-01,SS-3,ELB-3MK,ELB-4K),finding to operate on a network of West-Siberian Railway selected under the most-walked analogue - plow machine SZP-600r.The proposed project design of all structural elements of the plow SZP-600R has been changed in view of the desired trajectories scheduler slopes and its geometrical layout on the machine VPO-3000,as well as taking into account the requirements of the design and of top-Story-of way,in particular gravel ballast,after work on her cleaning ballast cleaner MF-600. The selection of geometric parameters and the calculation of design elements scheduler slopes are made using APM WinMashin programs according to the real conditionscess of the load operation and,in particular: arrow with the plow is in working position and performs cutting and Zdzvizhkou crude ballast for support of contact network; arrow disclosed at the maximum angle ?; plows are not disclosed and are located along the axis of the boom. The developed design planner slopes allows removal of contaminated ballast portion of the railway line,as well as other operators,radio planning prism slopes. The proposed project will improve the machine VPO-3000 allows the excluded-tained from the technological process of modernization of railroad tracks Add-tional machine to remove the contaminated site ballast,which reduces the cost of performing the work.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Forms of joint motion of element of three-mass oscillating system: influence of dynamic stiffness

Fragments of system,quasi-spring,in particular,can also possess zero rigidity that is shown through features of joint movements of elements of system. Results of researches are confirmed by computing modeling; schedules of frequency dependences for the relations of coordinates of the movement are provided.A number of analytical ratios for determination of frequencies of boundary conditions of transition to the different modes is received.For an assessment of dynamic properties structural mathematical models and rules of their transformation are used.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Mathematical model of optimum power control of dc electric locomotive in traction mode and the method of its solution

Rational way to improve the operational efficiency of the locomotive is adjustable power.The implementation of this method possible with the use of automatic power regulation implementing the optimal load,the operation mode of the traction and energy unit (TEU) of the locomotive. The aim of this work is to obtain mathematical relationships,establishing the optimal ratio between the number of employees of TD given thrust and speed. Determination of the optimal ratio being in the traction motors is based on finding the minimum power losses at the nodes of the TEU. Search the minimum of complex functions is an optimization problem,which from a mathematical point of view is to determine the minimum of function of several variables with a number of constraints,and relationships. To solve the problem of finding the minimum of a complex function,we used the method of indeterminate Lagrange multipliers. The optimization process is considered at a constant value of the voltage supplied to the TD and sold power.Variables - the force of traction,speed of movement,the ratio of incremental losses,the resistance of the circuit of the armature of TD was assumed constant,which allowed to simplify the solution of the problem,reducing it to find three unknown quantities - current,the number of TD and magnetic flux. The solution to this system of equations for the number TD,participating in the work were obtained analytical dependences the optimum values of the TD depending on the speed,the thrust force on the rim of the driving wheels of the locomotive and tension. Analytical expressions for determining optimal parameters of power regulation of electric DC,allow to obtain the optimal values of the number of workers so and the load depending on the given values of thrust and speed in the entire range of load modes of EPS. The analytical expressions can be used when drawing up regime maps and energy performance certificates EPS,and also in the most important automatic devices of power control of the rolling stock to set the optimal ratio of number of employees and so on.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

The effect of longitudinal non-equal-elasticity of railway to the rolling stock dynamic. part 3. the identify areas of raman parametric resonance

The article devoted to results of the longitudinal multiplicative perturbation effect from railway track in relation to rolling stock.There is the technique for finding of difference type Raman resonances areas,which based on the theory of division in slow and fast components for motion of dynamic system.It proves a fact that the RMS-velocity for motion of the train is not a specific numerical value,but that is an area for which the width depends on the multiplicative factor driving
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Laser thermohardening of friction couple "ring - sleeve of cylinder"

Article is devoted to actual questions of research of microstructure,physic-mechanical and tribological indicators blankets of friction couple "ring-sleeve of cylinder" under laser processing.Analysis of base defects of elements of cylinder-piston group of internal combustion engines,methods their reduction and rise of tribotechnical characteristics are conducted.Notes that different kinds of thermos and chemical thermal processing of working surface of link are most effective means of rise of wear resistance of couple "ring-sleeve of cylinder".Using of perspective technology of laser thermostrengthening is offered with this target.Offering technologies find greater application in automobile and technics of agricultural purpose. But purpose of ICE in aviation industry due to their specific exploitative and specific design features is limited.At the same time,they may have important practical meaning. Different variants of laser modification of surfaces of coupling in the context of CPG of aviation engine of ASH-62IR are offered and analyzed in article. Data of microstructural analysis of blanket,indicators of microhardness and wear resistance are adduced.Short description of tribotechnical laboratory-scale plant and methodic of conduct an experiment on base of comparative analysis of findings is given.Wherein tribotechnical indicators are compared with results of metallographical researches and physic-mechanical properties of modification layer,in particular with indicator of microhardness. Conduct of tribological researches determines that rise of indicator of wear resistance of friction couple "ring-sleeve of cylinder" observed at all researching regimes of laser effect with acconting of identified border conditions of processing for both elements of coupling.Maximum value of wear resistance is observed at laser thermostrengthening of both surfaces of couple on critical levels of density of laser energy.These levels do not case of appearance of microcracks in blanket.Wherein wearing qualities of modification surface of cylinder sleeve may increase by 4,5 - 5 times and wearing qualities of piston rings more than 3 times. Theoretical bases of mechanism of wear of thermos thermostrengthening surfaces which illustrate kinetics of increase their wear resistance in result of formation of microstructure of special blanket with increased bearing capacity,microhardness and improved conditions of wear of modification layer.Experimentally validated that the greatest wear resistance is observed in the friction elements at their mutual modifying their surfaces.

Transport power engineering

~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Systems of traction power supply of 2 ?25 kv with coaxial cables and transformers of woodbridge

Transfer of railway lines on the high-speed movement demands strengthening of traction power supply system.Such strengthening can be carried out on the basis of symmetrizing transformers and coaxial cables use.Means of computer modeling of such networks which can be realized on the basis of the methods developed at Irkutsk state transport university are necessary for the solution of practical application of traction networks with the symmetrizing transformers and coaxial cables.Complex technical solution including both from the designated ways of traction power supply strengthening is of interest. Strengthening provides the additional effects consisting in improvement of electric power quality in the feeding high-voltage networks and not traction consumers' power supply,and also in decrease in losses of the electric power and energy efficiency increase. Results of computer modeling of 2х25 kV traction power supply systems with Woodbridge symmetrizing transformers and coaxial cables are given.Modeling was carried out for three options: traditional scheme of 2х25 kV traction network; traction power supply system equipped with the modified Woodbridge transformers; the complex technical solution which is included the symmetrizing transformers and coaxial cables. Modeling results have allowed the following conclusions: application of coaxial cables promotes increase of contact net voltage; due to use of Woodbridge modified transformers it is possible to lower significantly negative sequence asymmetry factor on high voltage buses of traction substations; the greatest effect takes place at complex use of the symmetrizing transformers and coaxial cables.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Current and potential distributions in a system of underground constructions under the stray currents influence

The paper is devoted to the calculation of the electrical quantities distribution in the system of three conductors. The first conductor is located on the surface of a uniform soil and the other two conductors are located at depths of h and h . As result, analytic expressions of current, potential and leakage current density in the first underground construction with considering the influence of the second construction was obtained. The influence of second construction increases the value of electrical quantities in the underground construction. The analytic expressions were obtained using Fourier transform method. The analysis showed the influence of the leakage current and insulation resistance of the second construction on the electric quantities distribution in the first construction
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Use extremum control system for the increase power factor in thyristor converter

In the paper the device for reactive power compensation for the electric locomotives based on passive adjustable compensator was described. This configuration of the compensator improve the power factor of the electric locomotive in all operational modes and raise value of the power factor to its maximum possible value. The management of the compensator unit is based on the extremum seeking control autonomous voltage inverter. Mathematical modeling of electric locomotive showed increase the power factor to a value of 0,98.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

The definition of the location and capacity of the compensating device in the ac electrical power system of railways by minimum of active power losses

The article considers one of the ways of improving the energy efficiency of AC electrical system railways 25 kV, 50 Hz. The proposed approach allows to determine the optimal location and capacity of an unregulated device for compensation reactive power according to the criterion of minimum active power losses in a traction electrical system. Modeling of trains on the site was made using instant schemes. Description of the traction power supply system implemented by the node potential method and Steinmetz’s symbolic method. Optimal value of reactive power for all possible locations of a compensating device was calculated numerically by an optimization method of Hooke-Jeeves according to the criterion of minimum active power losses in the traction network. The mathematical model allows to consider the elements of the traction network, schedules of trains, change of traction loads of electric locomotives, schemes of overhead network. The proposed approach was considered on the example test problem, which solution allowed to determinate the optimal location and required value of reactive power of an technical device. The placement of a compensating device in a certain place will allows to minimize the power loss in the contact network, track circuit and traction transformers from the flow of the reactive component of the current in average for all instant schemes with various traction loads. An unregulated technical device for compensating reactive power which is located between two traction substations reduces energy consumption for traction of trains on the 1 - 2 %.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

The choice of the method of numerical simulation of the pantograph electric rolling stock

The actual process of interaction of pantograph with catenary associated with random processes. The main factors affecting the pantograph are vibrations of the rolling stock, aerodynamic, the instability of the dynamic properties of the pantograph and overhead catenary, etc. In view of the plurality of influencing the current collection of factors theoretically investigate the dynamical system "Pantograph - catenary" in full It is a complex task. A more rational to theoretical studies and sufficient for practical use is to consider deterministic processes. In the numerical simulation of the current collectors are the most common types of the following design schemes (models): lumped mass pantograph model; pantograph multibody schematics; pantograph multibody schematics in CAD-systems, which describe in detail the geometric dimensions and physical properties of each element of the pantograph. In the design of the pantographs is an integral part of the calculation of interaction of pantograph with contact suspension. Contact suspension counted in the calculations in the form of a concentrated mass interacting with the pantograph skid or a spatial system composed of resilient elements of finite length (catenary with distributed parameters). The second type of catenary model is used in the interaction with the first two types of models considered by the current collectors. Based on the features of each of the presented kinds of models, present the technique of the pantograph model selection, depending on the purpose of the simulation.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Precinct speed factor influence on specific energy consumption in freight traffic

The most important task of the Russian Federation's energy strategy is the efficient use of energy resources. Rail transport is a one of the major consumers of diesel fuel and electricity, where the major energy consumption is used for traction. Traction energy consumption depends on a number of operational factors, including the characteristics of high-speed trains. The article is devoted to the designation of ways to assess the impact of changes in the coefficient of the precinct speed of freight trains on the change in specific energy consumption of locomotives. It is concluded that the calculation influence coefficient use indicators of locomotives, including the coefficient of the precinct speed must be performed for each of the structural units and analyzed the calendar period. Proposed by the authors for this formula is included in the methods of analysis and forecasting of energy resources consumption for traction trains introduced on the Russian train system in 2015.

Railway and engineering structures

~~~Railway and engineering structures~~~

Assessment and forecasting of reliability of rails in various operational conditions

Method of calculation of reliability of rails are presented in article. Research of refusals and durability of rails on two directions of the West Siberian management of infrastructure for sites of a way with different operational characteristics is conducted. Dependence of a gamma percent resource of rails on axial loading of cars and the plan of a way is received. Conclusions about a possibility of reaching of the passed tonnage of rails in 1500 million tons gross are given.

Transport management

~~~Transport management~~~

Correlation analysis of «accident type» factor on industrial injuries statistic index

The article provides the correlation analysis of accident type influence as quality factorial characteristic on industrial injuries statistic index in the permanent way division of the Kuibyshev railway during some years. By means of mathematical calculations statistical correlation study of characteristics and values has made, taking into account the degree of severity of workers’ health damage affected by industrial accidents. The hypothesis staged within the framework of Kuibyshev Railway permanent way division has confirmed and the degree of mutual contingency of accident types and their quantity has assessed. It is shown that the practical significance of the correlation analysis results on the formation and (or) adjustment of preventive measures to reduce the levels of occupational hazard and prevention of industrial injuries
~~~Transport management~~~

About the integrated approach to the analysis and control the energy efficiency of the structural subdivisions of railway transport

In the article the questions of increase of efficiency of structural subdivisions, members of the directorates of the West Siberian railway - branch of JSC "Russian Railways", such as infrastructure Directorate, Directorate railcar rolling stock and the Directorate of buildings and structures. The aim of this work is to identify structural units with the lowest energy efficiency indicators. This requires estimation of an indicator such as relative energy efficiency over a period of time equal to one calendar year, based on data of annual consumption of electric energy and annual volume of enterprise work. The article also outlines the main provisions of the concept analysis and monitoring the energy efficiency indicators of stationary objects of the railway transport, which will identify inefficient structural subdivisions with the use of control actions to reduce irrational consumption of energy resources. Calculation of the relative energy efficiency is one of the stages of this concept. The result is a received charts of the relative energy efficiency of structural subdivisions of the West Siberian railway which allows to make a comparison of this indicator. According to the results of comparison found that 10 of the 65 structural units have a low indicator of relative energy efficiency. This suggests the need for careful study the reasons of the low values of energy efficiency in these structural subdivisions and proposals the measures to eliminate this situation. The method and sequence of these activities proposes into the third and fourth stages of the concept. The establishment and subsequent application of a unified approach to the analysis and monitoring of energy efficiency indicators for all departments will increase the energy efficiency of the territorial branches of JSC "Russian Railways" and the holding company as whole.