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Journal of Transsib Railway Studies V.3(27), 2016

Railway rolling stock

~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Analysis of an exploitation of 3те10м diesel locomotive on a hilly-mountainous direction of railway

The article includes research results of substantiation 3ТЕ10М diеsel locomotive`s movement work parameters on a hilly-mountainous direction of railway while moving freight trains with stops and without any stops on the spaces stations and separating points
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Possibility of electrification ulaanbaatar railway with the world experience

The experience of the electrification of railways around the world. Performance of existing electric railways, and also performed calculations show that the use of electric traction has high efficiency and can improve the operational performance of the Ulaanbaatar Railway.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Classification of dynamic phenomena in the traction drive locomotive

The analysis of the causes of low efficiency of existing knowledge about the dynamics of the locomotive traction drive. It was found that the use of scientific information is difficult because of its inconsistency and lack of systematization. The classification of dynamic phenomena in the locomotive traction drive to facilitate the search for new technical solutions. Classification is used to create a new design rubber-cord coupling protected by a patent.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

The mathematical action of the periodic driving force on a system with two degrees of freedom

Considered forced oscillations of four-axle vehicle with dual spring suspension. It is obtained that the movement system with six degrees of freedom with sufficient accuracy can be represented by a system with two degrees of freedom. Therefore, the vehicle body has two degrees of freedom: lateral skidding and wobbling, Bouncing and galloping trucks will be neglected. The total number of degrees of freedom of the model equal to two. The method, which leads to a closed solution of the forced oscillation. Defined. That tends and to (n = 1, 2,…), the amplitude of the oscillations will be unlimited. Therefore, the parameters k1, k2 and T must be selected on the basis of required values of amplitudes. As a result of research compiled by the differential equation of motion of the system and obtained analytical solution for the case of external piecewise constant driving force.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Ways to reduce a heat loss viscous oil cargo during railway transportation

Solidifying transportation of goods by rail, namely, tank wagons is accompanied a number of difficulties. These include: lowering the temperature of the transported oil, accompanied by the growth of its viscosity, the inability to quickly discharge, change in performance of transported oil products, an increase in idle tank cars. The analysis of the cooling rate of the goods transported, depending on the size and thickness of the insulating layer. Introduced formulas show that the presence of the heat-insulating sheath is cylindrical vessel radius deviation from the optimum value. When this thermal insulation reduces considerably the heat transfer coefficient in the surrounding area and to accelerate the discharge process.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Features of compensating devices choice in traction power supply system with using optimally criterion

Method of installation places and power choice of reactive power compensation devises in traction power supply system in condition of increase freight miles are introduced in this article. Approaches to definition of reactive power optimal criteria with reactive power compensation installation are denoted. Three criteria for estimation of reactive power compensation installation are offer to review. There is provided method of optimality assessment of this choice.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

The dynamics for non-spring mass of rolling stock in its motion on non-equal-elasticity of railway track with bumps; the interaction for forced and parametric oscillations

The article is devoted to the accounting problem of longitudinal non-equal-elasticity of railway track which led to forced vibrations for non-spring mass of rolling stock are interacting with multiplicative perturbation, that is increasing the amplitude of the bouncing wheel pair, or reducing it. This depends on the phase relationship between these influences .
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Energy efficient universal stand for load testing of asynchronous traction motors and dc motors

The article presents a universal energy-efficient stand for load testing of asynchronous traction motors, and DC motors. It is proposed to use two options of schemes for testing of traction DC motors with serial excitation and asynchronous motors, and traction motors DC parallel (independent) excitation and asynchronous motors, each of which allows you to implement energy-efficient test method - the method of mutual loading. Given the advantages of the use of the proposed stand. The calculation of the main parameters recorded during the test: currents, voltages and power are invited to perform with the help of mathematical models. Each of the mathematical models takes into account the work of the subjects of the asynchronous traction motors and traction motors DC series or parallel (independent) excitation) by the method of mutual loading: electrical and mechanical link. In conclusion, the article sets out the intended results from the implementation of energy-efficient universal stand for load testing of asynchronous traction motors, and DC motors.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Development electrooven alloy smelting technology vanadium steel rail

The questions of the composition of the design and technology of smelting, casting and heat treatment of alloyed rail steels having high operational stability. Together specialists EVRAZ ZSMK Novokuznetsk and IrGUPS was proposed complex doping scheme of the rail steel and rail rolling floor EVRAZ ZSMK was conducted testing of the technology of smelting and eletropechnoy thermostrengthening superperlitnoy steel of high purity, which has high wear resistance. several experimental batches were produced rails, which are tested on the site of the saddle-point Irkutsk-Slyudyanka VSZHD with an unfavorable combination of operational loads, causing increased wear of the rails. The test results showed high wear resistance experienced rails and expediency of development of industrial production.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Application of wave response method for fault finding in insulation system of auxiliary machines armature coils

The aim of this article is results representing of work focused to automation of electrical machines armature coils diagnostics process based on wave response method. Technical decisions used in development of mobile device for insulation diagnostics via wave response method described. Techniques of generalized diagnostics coefficient calculation described. Article presents test results of NB436V and NB-431P auxiliary machines installed VL-10 electromotive.

Transport power engineering

~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Determination of the additional resistance optimal values of dc traction substation drainage unit

The article presents a method of the additional resistance calculating of ground grid drainage unit. This work has two main objectives: development of algorithm for determining the optimal values of additional resistance and to study the possibility of reducing losses in reverse traction network through drainage unit of traction substation. The calculation is carried out with a view to ensuring the normative values of the protective potential on the grounding grid and minimize losses in the reverse traction network. The method is based on the application of the reciprocity theorem, which allows to change the direction of the currents from the source to the load on the reverse one if the system is linear. The calculation of the values of additional resistance and power loss in the reverse traction network for average current on the considered traction substation of the Western-Siberian railway. In results the selection method of optimal values for the additional resistance is offered. This method can be used for designing of traction substation grounding grid protection.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Modeling and experimental investigation of the distribution of the electrostatic field on a garland suspended porcelain insulators

The article deals with the distribution of the electrostatic field around the garland of porcelain suspension insulators containing defects. Achieved the distribution simulation of the electrostatic field around insulators in the software package Elcut. We get a picture of field distribution around the insulators for the environment with different dielectric constants. A comparative analysis of simulation results and experimental studies on the basis of which revealed the possibility of diagnosing the parameters of insulators of the electrostatic field.

Information technology, automation, communications, telecommunications

~~~Information technology, automation, communications, telecommunications~~~

Composition of the mathematical methods of programming for the optimization of the systems of video registration in the territorially distributed objects of rail transport

Is executed the analysis of the special features of the process of the optimization of the complex systems of video surveillance and video registration in the territorially distributed objects of rail transport. Is proposed the procedure of setting optimization problem during the local level for the group of adjacent clusters into supers-clusters and the step-by-step optimization of entire system at the global level. The procedure of two-level optimization and the association of the adjacent information clusters of system into the supers-cluster make it possible to combine the methods of linear and dynamic programming for the optimization of the complex branched systems on the criterion of minimum expenditures.

Railway and engineering structures

~~~Railway and engineering structures~~~

Nalysis of contamination of the crushed stone ballast

This article contains information on the main pollutants and weeds on the railway. In the article the questions of the intensity of the contamination of the broken stone ballast. Specified criterion for assigning secondary and preventative maintenance of way in accordance with the technical specifications. Given reasons for the increased intensity of the contamination of the ballast in the first year of life. The analysis contamination of the broken stone layer in areas the Trans-Siberian Railway and the Medium-Siberian Magistral. The Trans-Siberian railway is considered towards Chelyabinsk - Karbysheva - Novosibirsk, the Medium-Siberian Magistral in the direction of the Input - Irtysh - Medium-Siberian. The analysis was conducted based on the data of geological investigations design and survey institutions and to schedules of repairs for the West Siberian infrastructure Directorate. For ease of estimation of the parameters of weeds the resulting material was consolidated into a single table. Based on the table were revealed of the according contamination of crushed stone ballast thickness, ballast layer, from the conceded tonnage and length of operation in years. The article describes the structure of the pollutants by particle size, in terms of pass excess tonnage. Indicated levels of contamination of crushed stone ballast at different values of the missed tonnage (700 million tons 1200 million tons and 1400 million tons). Additionally, this work was determined the average level of contamination of the ballast particles less than 25 mm, 5 mm and 0,1 mm) and obtained a limit value of the allowable clogging the broken stone ballast more than 30 percent. The result revealed the need for reducing the contamination of the broken stone ballast by conducting a deep cleaning.
~~~Railway and engineering structures~~~

Methods of subgrade reinforcement by injection

The reinforcement of a soil subgrade by solidifying grouts injection, outside the limiting dimensions of train movement, can significantly increase the cost efficiency and manufacturability of strengthening. The paper suggests the most appropriate methods to strengthen the subgrade depending on the stage of defects and deformations development.

Traffic control and traffic safety

~~~Traffic control and traffic safety~~~

Reducing the time maintenance of station track circuits of railway automation

This article discusses the process of maintenance of railway automation devices. The aim of the work is to reduce labor costs for maintenance of track circuits of railway automation. Presents the method for automating the process of checking on the shunt track circuits shunting sensitivity of track circuit by at cross-rack and scheme of the device that implements this method. The values of shunt resistance equivalent to the imposition of regulatory shunt at predetermined points of the track circuit are calculated. The results obtained in the paper can be used for the improvement of systems of automation of existing railways.

Transport management

~~~Transport management~~~

Statistic methods encapsulation in locomotive service repair depot information net

The article deals with the locomotive lifecycle problem at vehicle technical maintenance and repairing service. It proposes to encapsulate the statistic methods into the automatic locomotive depot control system basing on the example of management with the minimum stock spare parts level. In such a group of companies as "Locomotive technologies" the efficacy of maintenance and repairing technological processes is improved by creation and implementation of the information management control system "Network diagram" into the locomotive depot service. Its implementation was started in 2016 and should be completed by the end of 2017. In practice methodological approaches of international (ISO) and national (GOST) standards of management quality and reliability, lean manufacturing and statistic methods of management in conditions of locomotive depot service are proposed to be used basing on the principle of "Built-in quality". In this case logical constructions, algorithms and formulas are encapsulated into “Network diagram” software significantly reducing the training level demands of the depot personnel. The article also proposes to control the minimum level of stock spare parts in the locomotive depot in terms of “Network diagram” software through encapsulation of probabilistic-statistical methods of minimum stock calculation according to the data on intensity of parts consumption and the time of their delivery to the depot.