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Journal of Transsib Railway Studies V.4(28), 2016

Railway rolling stock

~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Rationale the possibility of electric train energy consumption decreaseat west siberian railway omsk department

In article the possibilities of decrease in energy consumption on draft at the movement of electric trains in the conditions of a flat profile of West Siberian Railway due to shutdown of traction section of an electric train and rational distribution of time of the course in all direction of the movement are considered. During the calculating and creation of schedules of the train for site is used an analytical method of the solution of the differential equation of the movement of the train. For the analysis of optimum schedules of the train at each stage of their modeling an inspection of calculations which allows to guarantee reliability of the received results is car-ried out. For definition of potential opportunities of decrease in energy consumption on draft at traffic control of an electric train the concrete trip of an electric train of ED4M along a route Omsk - Irtyshskaya is analysed. Settlement schedules of an electric train are provided in the considered trip, and also with shutdown of one traction section. Average is defined by standard means of system of computer modeling on the way the electric train speed, dispersion of speed on the way, energy consumption. The received size of energy consumption for draft with the disconnected traction section is much less than energy consumption on a real trip. Rational distribution of time of the course of the electric train in all direction of movement from a condition of preserving time of its arrival also allows to reduce an electric power expense on draft by the terminal station. Based on consumption data of the electric power in general possible economy of energy costs on draft due to application of the offered methods is determined by Omsk TCh-31 depot.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Defining for rms-velosity of rolling stock

The article deals with such important concept as the resonance to three cases: when rolling stock is described by a system of linear differential equations with constant coefficients, when the mathematical model of rolling stock represented a nonlinear system of differential equations, and when in the latter we take into account the multiplicative disturbance from railway, namely its non-equal-elasticity between sleepers. In this case, speak properly and correctly is not about a particular value of RMS-velocity, but on parametric instability areas.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Raising the bonding strength «bandage - wheel center»due to a uniform distribution of the volume of the bandage material

In article the questions connected with cranking of bandages on the wheel center arising because of weakening of interference fit. Authors suggest to consider the possibility of use of conic interference fit instead of cylindrical. For this purpose considered possible options for manufacturing the proposed connection. Revealed of the optimum angles conjugation aimed at a uniform distribution of metal bandage volume. Designed wheel design can be widely used in traction rolling stock. The result is reduced the duration of the repair of locomotives associated with the replacement and constriction bandages.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

The increase of the diesel locomotive engines cylinder heads durability

The technical condition of the cylinder-piston group has significant effect on the reliable operation of the diesel locomotive engines. The most susceptible to the premature failure is the head of cylinders. It is caused by the heat release rate of the combustion chamber detail. The increase of the diesel locomotive engines cylinder heads durability in operation causes the relevance of the researches. In the article the set of the factors influencing on the diesel locomotive engine cylinder heads durability is defined, their main groups and subgroups are found. In the offered classification the subjective factors which directly depend on the human activity are dominated. It is possible to reduce the influence of the subjective factors by means of the human activity wrong solutions reduction while operating and repairing locomotives. The measures that improve diesel locomotive engine operation and positively affect the reliability of the cylinder heads are considered. Simple in implementation methods to extend the service life of the cylinder-piston group are offered. They are decreasing temperatures gradient during the post-stopping period of the power point and upgrading cooling system.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Improvement built-in diagnostics devices of contact network

The article describes the priorities in the sphere tokosеma to improve traffic safety, the development of high-speed and high-speed traffic. To ensure the normal functioning of traffic and rail transport need uninterrupted transmission of electricity. Diagnosis of elements of contact network is one of the important task to prevent power system faults, including those that could lead to an emergency situation. The article deals with the built-in diagnostic system, how they work, an embodiment of their application.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Method of implementation signals for testing vibro-diagnostic equipment of rolling stock

The urgency of the task of creating test signals of vibration. Described possible ways of implementation of the test vibration signals. A method of forming a test signal by adjusting amplitudes of the individual harmonic components of the vibration signal. Showing the results of modeling. Shows the possible effect of using the proposed method.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Present and future of power plants autonomous locomotives

In article stages developments of power plants autonomous locomotives from the steam-engine to gas-turbine engines and engines on fuel elements are considered

Transport power engineering

~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Fuzzy logic application in the diagnosisthe rolling stock traction motor commutator-brush unit

The purpose of this article is to create mathematical models for a comprehensive assessment of the quality of repairs of collector-brush assembly drive motor vehicles, including an assessment of mechanical and switching components. The objectives of this study are to determine the linguistic variables based on the generated set of diagnostic features, including "beating of the working surface of the collector", "RMS heights collector lamellae", "amplitude of the first harmonic component of the profile of the collector", "the amplitude of the second harmonic component of the profile of the collector" "RMS heights collector slat excluding the first and second harmonic components", "minimum value of the second derivative of the profile of the collector function", "standard deviation of the second derivative of the profile of the reservoir function," "effective value of the higher harmonic components of the collector profile features" that have the greatest diagnostic value and determination of their membership functions, as well as the definition of the complex index of quality of repair and its components: complex index of quality of machining and integrated commutation quality index in the collector-brush unit of the traction motor. Solution of tasks performed using the mathematical apparatus of fuzzy logic through the use of statistical processing of the results of these pilot studies and the calculation of the diagnostic value of the measured and calculated parameters. As a result of the research formed the mathematical model of quality repair in the space of selected features using the apparatus of fuzzy logic for calculating the value of the proposed integrated indicators for arbitrary values of diagnostic parameters. The results may be used to control the quality of repairs of collector-brush assembly of traction motors of the rolling stock.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Decrease in number of not selective shutdownsof high-speed switchesfeeders of overhead contact system

In article possibilities of decrease in number of not selective shutdowns of high-speed switches by use of the relay - the differential shunt are described at full removal of a package of steel on a branch of smaller section. Results of experimental evaluation of the work of the relay - the differential shunt are given at full removal of a package of steel in a branch of smaller section and its trial operation. Conclusions are drawn on earlier undescribed property of the relay - the differential shunt, at full removal of a package of steel on a branch of smaller section - with increase in speed of increase of current, the considerable time lag of operation of the relay appears.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Analysis of applicability of external power supply equivalents for short circuit currents’ calculations in 1x25 kv traction network

Researching subject which are presented in article is the emergency modes in 25 kV traction power supply systems caused by the short circuits (SC). The research purpose consisted in the analysis of calculation SC currents errors evolving from the reactances determined by SC power at the simplified modeling of external network. For achievement of formulated purpose comparative calculations of SC currents for a number of standard schemes of 25 kV system when using full models in phase coordinates and with use of simplified electric power system (EPS) reactances are executed. Modeling has shown that calculations of SC currents of contact network of deadlock substation by EPS reactances give the acceptable accuracy for feeder current of substation near which there is a short circuit. The calculation error of remote substation feeder current can reach +100% at SC power on inputs of substation about 300 MV·A, but decrease to values about 10% at the SC power of 2500 … 3000 MV·A. At food of group of traction substations from two 110 kV lines calculation error for equivalent reactances it is much less, however at SC power about 300 MV·A errors reach 35% and decrease to 10% at SC power on substation inputs more than 550 MV·A. Variant of traction substations power supply from two 220 kV power lines differs in small calculation errors of SC currents for equivalent external power supply reactances: differences from full scheme don't exceed 9% at SC powers of 1200 MV·A or more. The received results can be used at improvement existing and creation of new definition techniques for SC currents in 25 kV traction networks.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Development of models of intertrain intervals with use of the device of artificial neural networks

In article process of expeditious calculation of capacity and intertrain intervals is considered within the concept of coordinate management of train service. The technique directed to the solution of problems of search of reliable intertrain intervals in real time, calculation of the postemergency set operation and estimation of reliability of traction power supply system, based on use of the device of artificial neural networks and modern means of interval regulation of the movement of railway transport is offered.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

The electrification of international transport railway corridor from asia to europe as a way of power system sustainable development of mongolia

The paper deals with the problem of sustainable innovation development of the electric power system of Mongolia, taking into account the geographical position of the country on the border of a transport route between China and Russia. In the broadest sense between the Asian industrial region and Europe, the turnover between them is increasing every year. The main constraining factor on the way of this process is not electrified main railway line, passing through the territory of Mongolia. Shown the advantages of railway electrification to solve the problems of power supply industry and agriculture. The most important objective is the electrification of the transport route Sukhbaatar Ulaanbaatar-Zamyn-Ude, the length of 1111 km. It is shown that the realization of this goal will reduce rail route from Europe to Central Asia of 1,025 km. The forecast of development of transportation in the future. Along with this a forecast of the Mongolia’s electric power system, in which the traction electric load would be approximately 22%. Included the corresponding graph required the development of generating capacities in the Mongolian power system in order to adjust the available capacity to 3500MW by the year 2025. Proved significant advantages of electrified railway through improving electric locomotive in comparison with diesel locomotive. In contrast to the significant proportion of electrified railways of Russia on a direct current, proposed the path of traction power supply system 2x25kV. Following the example of other highly developed countries, it will go to the use of high-speed railways. Thus it is achieved balanced development of Mongolia's electric power system based on electrification of the transport corridor from Asia to Europe.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Determination of parameters of compensating devices with asymmetric structure for reduction of voltage unbalance and reactive power compensation in the low-voltage three-phase electrical network

The article considers one of the ways of improving the energy efficiency of three-phase power supply system of industrial and railway enterprises. Presented and proved a theorem, which allows to determine the necessary conductivity and the reactive branch currents compensating device with asymmetric structure, for which the equivalent conductivity of these elements and the load will be symmetrical and active. In three-phase electric circuit of an alternating sinusoidal current reactive elements allow to redistribute active and reactive power between the phases. The use of a compensating device with asymmetric structure will reduce losses from the occurrence of reactive currents, reverse currents and zero sequence in low-voltage three-phase power system. As an example of the use of the theorem and the calculated expressions for determination of conductance of the branches of the asymmetric compensating devices a special test problem was considered. It shows the values of power losses, the coefficients of voltage unbalance with and without using the device. Considered possible options for the practical implementation of such technical devices.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Improvement current collectors monorail transport for high speeds

The article describes the design features of the current collection system of the Moscow monorail and revealed its shortcomings, limiting the possibility of increasing the speed of electric rolling stock. The features of a promising new generation of monorail transport system with increasing speed (up to 150 km / h), the message "city - the airport," which is proposed to use the contact current collection system with flat working surfaces of the current collector and the current lead. The aim of the work was to develop measures and technical solutions for improving the current collectors to provide reliable, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly electric power transmission on board the electric rolling monorail transport systems. The proposed technical solutions have allowed to increase the average life of the contact elements of the current collectors of electric rolling on the active sites of the Moscow monorail from 30 days to 5 months. A preliminary design and manufactured model sample collector rolling device for the new generation of monorail transport system with increased speed. A basic model of the pantograph, which allows to unify all the major components and spare parts for the current collectors of options for different speeds, load current, and other operating conditions and choose the appropriate model, taking into account technical and economic feasibility. The results can be used for the improvement of existing and development of new designs for current collectors of electric rolling monorail transport systems for the high speeds.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Efficiency evaluation of use of regime automatic equipment of reserve converting aggregates on the basis of the analysis of load graphs in case of the existing settings

In article the algorithm of operation of the existing regime automatic equipment of transforming aggregates is considered. Earlier it was read that use of automatic equipment of switching on switch-off of reserve transforming aggregates is an effective remedy of lowering of losses in case of regulation of power of substation depending on tractive loading. Defining factors of assessment of efficiency of automatic equipment are the current and temporal settings, and also restriction of number of switchings in days. The analysis of diagrams of tractive loading showed that there is rather large number of temporal intervals where operation of automatic equipment is ineffective. On the one hand it is connected to the fact that loading is above a point of equality of losses in case of one and two transforming aggregates quite short time, and automatic equipment connects the reserve transforming aggregate already in the course of lowering of loading and disconnects it after a temporal setting. On the other hand - operating restriction of number of switchings of the reserve transforming aggregate in days doesn't allow to gain the considerable economic effect. The decision on use of regime automatic equipment with the existing settings can be the positive if at the same time the estimated effect in the form of abbreviation of losses of the electric power is above cumulative damage from switching of the reserve transforming aggregate. Regime automatic equipment in most cases, it is necessary to consider not as means of obtaining economic effect, and as means of reliability augmentation of operation of semiconductor rectifiers at the peak moments of loading what in turn influences reliability of electrical power supply of pull of trains in general.

Information technology, automation, communications, telecommunications

~~~Information technology, automation, communications, telecommunications~~~

Algorithms and structural solutions for construction the system of monitoring and electricity metering on the feeders of the contact network

We propose the concept of the new system for monitoring and electricity metering on the feeders of the D.C. contact network. The system is based on previously designed prototype that has been put into operation, and differs from it in new solutions that allow to achieve greater mobility and simple scalability. We describe the basic technical solutions, the system functions as well as its potential.

Transport management

~~~Transport management~~~

Organization of operational control by methodof the consecutive analysis

In article the solution of a task of the organization of operational monitoring of elements of the rolling stock on the basis of the methods of statistical definition of quality which were widely used in the analysis of defects of the current production is considered. The problem is solved on the example of carrying out control and diagnostic operations by results of which realization the conclusion about technical condition of elements of the rolling stock becomes. The approach offered in article allows to consider a posteriori information and by that to optimize the volume of the carried-out works. The received results can be used at the solution of a complex of tasks of decrease in resource intensity of system of repair and the maintenance of the rolling stock.