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Journal of Transsib Railway Studies V.1(29), 2017

Railway rolling stock

~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

The uninterrupted state evaluation of backward traction circuit in heavyweight traffic conditions

In the article there is the increase of rail circuits work stability in conditions of heavyweight traffic for AC traction sections. There is a coordinate plane graph of backward traction circuit base diagnostic states in the paper. We analyzed the results gained in the researching and suggested the way to coordinate rail shunt location and to evaluate the insulation resistance in backward traction circuit.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Modeliny of technical operation process and formation of load condition and heatind of diesel generation sets

On the basis of experimental data thereis a mathematical model in thisarticle. Its made from the registration options in acfual operation mode of the locomotive. This mathematical model describes the technical condition of the locomotive and evaluates the parameters and characteristics. Considerable attention is paid to complex state operation of the facility. In dealing with the mathhematical model it’s defined the main locomotive operation indicator.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Evaluation of the influence of the parameters of the spring suspension of freight wagon on its dynamic qualities and traffic safety

The influence of parameters of the spring suspension of freight wagon and axial load on its dynamic qualities and traffic safety. Showing the flaws of the standard three-piece bogie, influencing the dynamics and traffic safety. Investigated the horizontal dynamics of the of freight vechicle and the value of horizontal stiffness of spring suspension bogie for unoaden vechicle .
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Increase in overall performance locomotives cooling systems in operation

In article the way increases in system effectiveness of cooling locomotives in operation - use relaunches of heat carriers between contours is considered.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Ways to reduce electric power consumption in the operation of locomotives on flat sections of railways

Electricity consumption for traction depends on a number of operational parameters, including the use of power of electric rolling stock. Due to the fact that the Russian Railways are characterized by pronounced uneven sections of track, which, along with the hilly-mountain and mountain profile and has flat stretches long-haul locomotives when operating on different difficulty sections of the road have a different load and therefore operated with a different energy indicators. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the energy performance of the electric locomotives for driving passenger trains on flat terrain and the possible ways to increase their energy efficiency. To achieve this goal was the analysis of passenger electric locomotives EP2K on a flat site Novosibirsk-Omsk, West-Siberian railway, the mean values of the speeds and masses of passenger trains have been calculated for capacity, utilization factor, power rating and efficiency of electric locomotives. On the basis of the conducted research it was determined that the EP2K electric locomotives in the plains of the Railways a large extent operate in inefficient modes, due to their excess capacity, which is impossible to implement. In this regard, it was concluded that reserves of energy saving in those areas of Railways, where the operating conditions there is a clear underutilization of the capacity of the locomotives, a method of increasing the efficiency of their use through the use of a stepped power control and comparative evaluation of EP2K electric locomotives on all parts and traction motors.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

The algorithm of forecasting of resource of electric brushes traction motors

In this article the generalized results of researches of change of intensity of wear of electrical brushes in the traction motors of electric locomotives. On the basis of the conducted research the author proposes an algorithm to predict the operating life of the brushes, given the parameters of the operation. In order to increase the reliability of the calculation has been developed algorithms, which allow additionally taking into account the effect of the collector’s surface.

Transport power engineering

~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Automatic drainage unit

The existing protection does not provide protective potential of traction substation grounding grid for the entire period of operation. This disadvantage is removed by improving of automatic drainage unit. The basis of the automatic drainage system is automatic control of drainage current by changing the pulse width of current. This method of current control allows the defined potential remain at the set value. The article presents a functional diagram describing the basic units of the improved automatic drainage unit. The results of the automatic drainage unit tests illustrate that the automatic drainage unit limits the current flowing through the grounding grid to the traction substation, allowing the potential remain at the set value Improved automatic drainage unit has great advantages in relation to existing and operated drain units at this moment and it can be recommended for introduction to the electrification infrastructure of the railway industry. Also this automatic drainage unit can be used for protection of other metal underground structures such as pipelines and other metal structures influenced by stray currents.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Approbation of the method of reducing the specific expenditure and non-productive loss of electricity in the boundaries of railway account zones

The article considers the current situation regarding the organization of control over the use of traction and energy resources of JSC «Russian Railways». The main provisions of the proposed method are stated. The influence factors on the specific electric power consumption of electric locomotives of series 2ES6 and VL10, as well as the evaluation of the quality of the constructed models of multiple nonlinear regression were estimated. New scientifically grounded technological solutions and developments are proposed that allow to reduce the specific consumption and unproductive losses of electric energy within the boundaries of the railway accounting areas.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Influence of parameters and operating modes traction power supply system on efficiency of energy recovery use

The article analyzes the influence of parameters and operating modes of traction power supply system on the value of the useful energy recovery and the amount of electricity losses caused by the energy recovery through the traction power system to various consumers. The amount of energy lost in recuperation determines the degree of efficiency of its use. The approaches to the sequential determination of the recuperation energy efficiency and the calculation of the numerical values of the quantities characterizing the parameters of the traction power supply system, which are necessary for an adequate analysis of the energy distribution flow distribution, are proposed. It is determined that it is sufficient to use the regression analysis method to estimate the influence of the parameters and operating conditions of the traction power system on the energy efficiency of the recovery. The values of the relative resistance of the contact network are calculated depending on the type of the contact suspension, as well as on the traction network supply circuits. It is shown that the parameters and operating modes of traction power supply system affect the losses in the contact network, the losses in rectifier-inverter converters and traction transformers of direct current traction substations, the amount of energy recovery from tires of traction substations, as well as the relative change in losses in the system traction power supply with the use of regenerative braking.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Organization of control limit operation mode traction network in the speed and heavy movement

The paper discusses the use of automated electricity metering systems to control parameters of the traction power supply system in terms of speed and heavy movements. As the main control system offered an automated system for monitoring energy efficiency of transportation process. The results of testing of the system considered in the measurement example, the boundaries of the active area of railways DC Shalya - Podvoloshnaya Sverdlovsk railway.

Information technology, automation, communications, telecommunications

~~~Information technology, automation, communications, telecommunications~~~

Teaching and learning microprocessor block signalling systems by practice

In microprocessor automatic block signalling (ABS) systems all the basic functionality is implemented in software. Current technique used by Russian educational organisations for training of engineering staff is solely based on functionality exploration of the microprocessor ABS equipment. We suggest that this approach is not sufficiently effective and could be improved. In our view, the improvement could be achieved by addition of extensive ABS algorithm development practice to the Railway Signalling Engineering curriculum. In this article, we present a prototype of a special microprocessor learning board, which supports development and debugging of various ABS algorithms. Along with the functional diagram, we give some technical details and present preliminary results of implementing and using this prototype.
~~~Information technology, automation, communications, telecommunications~~~

The software module of formation of the panoramic image of an internal surface of an underground part of hollow reinforced concrete support of contact network and the analysis of the recognizable inhomogeneities

Now there is no efficient decision to estimate a corrosion condition of an underground part of reinforced concrete support of contact network which is not demanding digging of a support. This problem makes actual a task of development of a hardware and software system of definition of a corrosion condition of an underground part of reinforced concrete support of contact network. As a result of work the software module allowing to realize panoramic shooting of an internal surface of an underground part of a support, to increase quality of the received images, to carry out searching of inhomogeneities and to determine their geometrical parameters, and also to make the analysis of the found inhomogeneities. Implementation of results of work will allow to reduce time and labor costs, and also to increase efficiency of diagnostic works on support of contact network.

Railway and engineering structures

~~~Railway and engineering structures~~~

Cable-stayed suspension bridges with high aerodynamic stability

The increased influenceof cable-stayed - suspension bridges for crossing of sea passages is shown. The retrospective show of their development is given. The prospect of the big beam - combined bridges is resulted. Various schemes of vantovo-suspension bridges with rectilinear cables are considered. Two new schemes of cable-stayed suspension bridges with curvilinear cables are offered.
~~~Railway and engineering structures~~~

Method of ensuring the withdrawal of widening of gauge at curves with radius less than 350 m

In the article the issues on creation of branch of track width when changing it in the curved track with radius less than 350 m. Presented the existing methods of widening or narrowing the width of the track in the curves section of track. We propose a method of change of gauge in curved track is from 1520 to 1530 or 1535 mm. to the Proposed method of drainage of the track width is carried out by the existing structures of the elements of the superstructure. The proposed method of drainage of the track width gives a smooth fit of the rolling stock in curve track section and provides the requirements of the applicable standards.

Traffic control and traffic safety

~~~Traffic control and traffic safety~~~

A set-theoretic model of terminal network

The subject of the study - is a terminal network. The purpose of this study is to develop a set-theoretic model of terminal network. Research methodology bases on set theory, theory of transport systems, General systems theory and the author's methodology of terminalistics. In this study describes of the terminal network, its key elements and its logistics facilities; the factors affecting the composition and configuration of the terminal network. Also this study develops the model of the terminal network as a logistics chain, and its proposed integrated set-theoretic model of the terminal network of the region. A graphic model of the terminal network as a supply chain presents in the study. The task of finding the best option terminal network in this formulation becomes a three-tier and two-stage. The results of the study can be used as mathematical tools in the design, planning, development and evaluation of objects of terminal and warehouse infrastructure of Russian Railways.
~~~Traffic control and traffic safety~~~

Displaying the changing linear transformers parameters in the systems of rail automatics and telemechanics

This article is devoted to the investigation of the internal parameters of transformers used for power supply of railway automatic and telemechanic devices. In this paper, the change in the nomogram of the impedance area of a power transformer is considered when changing the parameters of the replacement circuit of this transformer. The possibility of visualizing the change in the parameters of a transformer using the mathematical apparatus of conformal mappings is shown. The nomograms of the input resistance of the single-phase oil transformer are constructed with a change in the value of the insulation resistance and the transient resistance at the junction points. Based on the constructed nomograms, conclusions were drawn on the behavior of the input impedance region of the transformer in various situations.