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Journal of Transsib Railway Studies V.3(35), 2018

Railway rolling stock

~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Loading of passenger trains in case of emergencycollision with a car on the railroad

On the basis of the analysis of statistics of the incidents which have occurred on the railroads of Russia and connected with collisions of trains with obstacles, the most probable scenarios of development of an emergency situation are allocated. Modern methods of investigation of kinematics and dynamics of vehicles are analyzed. By methods of solid-state computer modeling the estimation of the dynamic loadings acting on the locomotive and passenger cars at collision of the passenger train with an obstacle in the form of the lorry on the railway crossing is carried out. For this purpose solid-state computer model of a passenger train and a cargo car. The obtained results indicate a high dynamic load of the locomotive in a collision. At the same time, passenger cars are affected by low dynamic loads that do not lead to damage to the load-bearing structures of passenger cars. The obtained results can be used in the creation of modern passenger rolling stock, characterized by high demands on safety in emergency situations. The work was carried out within the grant of the President of the Russian Federation for the state support of young Russian scientists MK-2881.2018.8.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Noise characteristics of the disc brake with floatingbrake pad

Comparative bench tests of acoustic emission occurring during the interaction of the brake pad with a brake disc for the brake unit with a stationary brake pad and a brake unit with a floating brake pad are carried out. The floating brake pad, depending on the braking conditions, occupies an optimum position on the surface of the brake disc, while making movements of an oscillating nature around the turning axis that does not pass through its center of mass and parallel to the axis of rotation of the brake disc. The frequency range is determined in which there are noticeable differences in the acoustic emission of a brake unit with a floating brake pad and a stationary brake pad. The theory of fuzzy sets is used to analyze the acoustic emission perceived by the human hearing organs, which accompanies the interaction of the surfaces of a friction pair in the investigated frequency region. The results of a comparative analysis of the noise characteristics of the brake blocks under investigation are discussed. The spectra of the acoustic emission power are compared according to the obtained base of the expert evaluation of the noise power perceived by man.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Investigation of anti-slip system with equipment

The development of traction rolling stock is closely associated with an increase in the maximum traction force for adhesion the wheels to the rails. The negative factor in this aspect of development is slipping. The article proposes a new method of protection against slipping of wheel sets of electric locomotives 2(3)ES5K «Ermak». The method implies redistribution of tractive forces between wheel sets and minimization of sanding. The paper discusses the principle of operation of the anti-slip system and the principle circuit of the power section, and simulates some modes of wheel sets in the Multisim software package.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Theoretical study of electromagnetic processes inverter based on thyristors and igbt-transistors of an electric train of an alternating current in the mode of regenerative braking

In this article, the authors have studied the electromagnetic processes of an inverter based on thyristors and IGBT transistors of an AC electric train in the regenerative braking mode. To accomplish this task, a method was used to compose instantaneous replacement schemes and systems of differential equations corresponding to a certain time interval of the rectified voltage diagram and the currents of the inverter arms. On the basis of the study were given the disadvantages of thyristor inverter and the advantages of transistor.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

The influence of the shape of the pantograph slide on theaerodynamic characteristics of speed current collectors

In article aerodynamic properties of SSS87 current collectors intended for the high-speed movement of the electric rolling stock are considered. Spectra are presented of the flow for different shapes of the contact plates. The solution of a problem of modeling of flow of the contact plates of the current collector with the air environment is reached by application of methods of computing hydrodynamics (CFD) the aerodynamic coefficients necessary for calculation of aerodynamic characteristics Are defined. Aerodynamic characteristics of current collectors are constructed.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Implementation of the innovation cars as meansof improving the locomotive park operational efficiency

The article discusses the question of the innovation freight cars implementation in the context of their influence on forming and optimization of the locomotive park efficiency use indicators. Presents the main criteria of the innovation freight cars providing significant technical and economic effect for the traction rolling stock. Allocated the key factors influencing forming the criterion change functions of the cargo locomotives indicators of use efficiency. On the basis of the structured influence factors analysis can be developed the applied strategies of the locomotive park operational efficiency use.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

New approach to creation of quasiinvariantvibroprotective system

In article the new approach to calculation of power characteristics of quasiinvariant systems of suspension of mechanical objects different from other approaches by simplicity and logical clarity, however demanding the procedure of identification of the power characteristic of the compensator of external indignation of physical devices is offered.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Evaluation of the influence of mechanical propertiesof materials on the strengthin the «wheel center - bandage» compound

The cranking of the bandages in service leads to an earlier replacement of the bandage than the pawned resource, which entails both an increase in maintenance costs and a long, simple locomotive for repair. The article shows the main factors that have a significant effect on the strength of the «wheel center - bandage» connection. Particular attention is paid to the mechanical properties of materials. The calculation of the reduction of the contact pressure from the heating of the bandage has been carried out, both for the new and for the worn out. New materials for manufacturing of bandage wheels are considered. It was found that the hardness of the materials can have a significant effect on the strength of the bandage fit to the wheel center. Preliminary calculations of the influence of hardness on the strength of the joint are carried out.The analysis of the influence of the mechanical properties of banding wheel materials on the strength of the joint can be used in the improvement of new materials in the manufacture of bandage wheels and in the development of technology for the formation of wheel sets of locomotives, which in turn will improve the efficiency of wheel sets of lo-comotives.
~~~Railway rolling stock~~~

Method of diagnosing the condition of the commutationof collector dc motors

The article deals with the problem of diagnosing the technical condition of the collector-brush unit of DC motors. The topicality of this problem in the engines operating on the railway transport, which are in the most severe operating conditions, is particularly noted. These studies are aimed at improving the reliability of diagnosing the technical condition of the collector-brush unit through the use of a new method of diagnosing the condition of collector DC motors’ commutation. The proposed method of diagnosis is based on a new principle of processing diagnostic information about the spark pulses under the brushes. The article presents the histograms of the distribution of the pulses' intensity of different sections of the armature winding. The research conducted an experiment using a digital control device that allows to identify and digitize a useful diagnostic signal from multipolar brushes with a high sampling rate and transfer it to a computer. Analysis of the experiment’s results showed that the average value of the pulse’s area increases with increasing the spark’s intensity. Nevertheless, severe sparking at the collector leads to the law of distribution becomes double-modal, and as a result, dramatically increases the standard deviation of the values of the pulses’ areas. Described effect makes misinformation in the diagnosis procedure using the parameters of the laws of distribution of the spark’s intensity. The proposed method of diagnosis allows to eliminate this effect. The copyright for a new method of diagnosing is protected by a patent.

Transport power engineering

~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Improvement of the method of prognostication the indicators of the current collection system under the increase of motion speeds

A method for predicting the performance of the current collection with increasing speeds using machine learning is proposed. Methods for obtaining statistically reliable data on the contact pressure of current-carrying electric rolling stock without the need for direct measurement based on design data and analysis of external factors (weather, operational) accompanying the interaction are considered.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Traction possibilities of a double-locomotive powersupply 2ev120 when following on the limiting rises of the central siberian railway

The article discusses the traction parameters of a new generation electric locomotive. The existing schemes of service areas by electric locomotives and locomotive brigades on the studied railway test site are presented. A comparison is made of the main parameters of DC and single-phase AC electric locomotives, the operation of which is currently organized on sections of movement with trains of calculated mass in the long-term mode of thrust on the climbs of various steepness. The scheme of the proposed organization of operation of a double power locomotive and locomotive crews is presented. Calculated traction parameters of a two-system electric locomotive, taking into account the plan and profile of the track in the proposed areas of operation, specific resistivity to the movement of the locomotive and the composition of the train at the estimated speed, specific accelerating and decelerating forces of the train. When two-system electric locomotives are put into operation, it will be possible to reduce the fleet of locomotives in operation, the number of traction arms due to their lengthening and the number of locomotive change points, reduce the transit time of freight trains, increase technical and local speed, average daily mileage and average daily performance of the locomotive, reduce power consumption per traction . The operation of such electric locomotives contributes to the development of polygon technologies for managing the transportation process, improving the quantitative and qualitative indicators of various railway enterprises.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

Determination of electrical quantities in the system of conductors under the influence of the dc electrified railway transport using hartley transform

The paper deals with the influence of stray currents on underground metal structures located near the traction rail network. The paper presents a system consisting of a traction rail network, a grounding grid and two isolated underground conductors located under the stray currents influence caused by electrified railway transport. Analytical expressions for the calculation of the distribution of electrical quantities in underground structures with their mutual influence were obtained. The expressions were obtained using Hartley integral transform, which in contrast to the Fourier transform allows carrying out integral transformations only with real-valued functions. The obtained expressions allow determining the zone of dangerous influence of stray current and can be used in the design of underground structure protection.
~~~Transport power engineering~~~

On the question of determining the energyconsumption of electric heating units, not equipped with metering devices

The article deals with the consumption of fuel and energy resources, including a significant proportion of these resources spent on the organization of electric heating (773.7 million kWh). It was noted that until recently in the reporting of JSC « Russian Railways » there were two different approaches in determining the actual volume of electric energy consumed by electric heating equipment, not equipped with individual metering devices based on the calculation-analytical and calculation-statistical methods. It was found that the results of calculations by both methods have a significant deviation between them (up to 100 %). The purpose of the study is to determine a unified approach that allows to accurately record the consumption of electric energy in these conditions. The characteristic features of each of the applied methods were analyzed, comparative studies on a number of objects of four Railways (October, Sverdlovsk, South Ural, East Siberian), characterized by different climatic characteristics were carried out. At the same time, studies were carried out on the applicability in practice for the regulation of fuel and energy resources of the automated system « Stationary energy » . According to the research results, the value of the deviation of the actual consumption of electric energy from the calculated for both applied methods is shown. A method for determining the actual consumption of electric energy for heating on the basis of a preliminary calculation of the allowable volume consumption of thermal energy with subsequent conversion into electrical energy is proposed and confirmed by tests. The results obtained were adopted when updating the « Methods of analysis and planning of electricity consumption for non-traction needs in JSC « Russian Railways » , approved by the order of JSC « Russian Railways » from 22.08.2018 № 1866p in terms of determining the resource requirements for heating. Based on the results, changes were made to the procedure for filling in the data in the corporate management reporting of EO-10U.

Railway and engineering structures

~~~Railway and engineering structures~~~

Engineering-geological and geotechnical aspects of the construction and operation of the kuznetsovsky tunnel at the far eastern railway

The object of the research is the solid rocks massif containing the Kuznetsovskiy tunnel with a length of 3890 m, the greatest depth of the deposit is 355 m, which crosses the mountain pass section of Sikhote-Alin on the Komsomolsk-Sovetskaya Gavan line of the Far Eastern Railway. The aim of the studies was a detailed analysis of the engineering and geological conditions of the facility and their impact on construction and operation. These data are obtained as a result of field research, laboratory testing of physical and mechanical properties of rocks, evaluation of water flow to drainage structures and analytical calculations. The massif is composed by terrigenous rocks - a rhythmic interlayering of heterogeneous grained sandstones, siltstones, gravelites, conglomerates, that are classified as strong. Layering has a steep drop and a sublatitudinal strike, deviating from the axis of the tunnel by 20 - 60 °. The tunnel axis is crossed by a system of faults of various capacities, their total capacity is 334 m, which is 8.5% of the length of the tunnel. The fault zones are associated with increased fracturing, reduced stability, in places abundant water inflows that have peaks in the summer, the threat of landslides, intense silicification and sulfide mineralization. The obtained monitoring materials by methods of recording natural pulses of the electromagnetic field of the earth (NPEFE) (EEMEMP) and dipole electromagnetic profiling (DEMP) allowed to draw a conclusion about the real picture of the development and forecast of the rock pressure, as well as the dynamics of the groundwater entering the mine for safe construction and operation. The state of the geodynamic conditions of the mountain massif is characterized as stable. Available data can be used as a starting point for assessing and forecasting aspects of the construction and operation of the second stage of the tunnel.

Traffic control and traffic safety

~~~Traffic control and traffic safety~~~

Assessment of capacity of the vanino transport hub by means of imitating modelling

Today the most part of world commodity and cash flows is concentrated in the Pacific Rim. The strategy of development for the Far East is based on increase in export to Asia-Pacific countries and also growth of volume of foreign investments. In September, 2018 in Vladivostok at the IV East economic forum the VaninoTransUgol company will submit the construction project in seaport Vanino of transport transshipment facility with transshipment capacities to 40 million tons. In 2017 the volume of transfer of freights in Vanino port was 7,2 million tons, the seaport continues to increase the refinery capacities, but the insufficient capacity of infrastructure of railway transport is the limiting element of development of the transport hub. Construction of the new terminal for transfer of coal will demand corresponding development of railway infrastructure of the Vanino transport hub. In the conditions of increase in volumes of transfer of freights, it is necessary to resolve an issue of the extreme number of cars which can be processed in "the railway station-seaport" system. The author has developed the program of imitating modeling which allows to determine the capacity of a railway component of the transport hub at the existing hardware and in the conditions of increase in loading of "the station-the port" system. In this work results of imitating modeling of work of the Vanino transport hub at increase in unloading of coal by 40% up to 280 cars a day are presented. The working park of the Vanino station has made 305 cars and continued to increase, ways of the station have been filled with cars waiting for operations. Two groups of possible ways of increase in capacity of the transport hub - infrastructure and technology solutions are presented. In the conditions of limitation of territorial development, construction of additional railway infrastructure becomes impossible therefore it is possible to increase the capacity of the transport hub due to change of specialization of moorings of port. It will allow to reduce the number of the cars which are on the ways of the station waiting for unloading and to accelerate processing of the rolling stock. After re-equipment of moorings of port, the working park of the Vanino station has made 230 cars and the capacity reserve for reception of an additional traffic volume has appeared. By means of this program of imitating modeling it is necessary to analyse work of key transport hubs of the Far East for definition of the maximum traffic volume at which transport hubs will steadily function, in the optimum mode.