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Application of mathematical modeling methods when designing reconstruction of railways

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Kravchenya I. N. , Dubrovskaya T. A. Application of mathematical modeling methods when designing reconstruction of railways Izvestiia Transsiba – The Trans-Siberian Bulletin, 2019, no. 2(38), pp. 109 – 116.


The development of railway transport is currently impossible to imagine without the use of mathematical models and algorithms. Consider the increase in speeds, reduction of travel time, while minimizing costs, is possible only with the qualitative and full use of the mathematical apparatus. The use of information technologies makes it possible to take an effective decision in the development of a project for the reconstruction of a railway line. The current state of the theory of railway transport is characterized by the presence of a developed system of mathematical models and algorithms for analyzing various features of railways. This opens up possibilities for building an approach to the problems of searching and optimizing design solutions on a mathematical basis, with the reduction to a minimum of costly and time-consuming physical modeling procedures. One of the main tasks that are set for the railway transport in the near future is to increase the speed of trains on existing railway lines with the use of computer technology (computer-aided design). The article deals with the problems of technical reconstruction of the railway plan to increase the speed of train movement. The urgency of the use of computer mathematical methods for the development of an optimal plan for increasing the speed of trains. A pair of mutually dual problems of optimal reconstruction of railway curves to increase the speed of trains with minimal capital investment is considered. As methods for solving the problems posed, the following methods were proposed: the method of steepest descent, a modified method of dynamic programming (the Cattell method), the method of indefinite Lagrange multipliers. The expediency of using each method to solve the problem is indicated. The considered methods allow to implement a number of computer-aided design procedures for the reconstruction of the railway plan.