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Scientific and technical journal established by OSTU. Media registration number: ПИ № ФС77-75780 dated May 23, 2019. ISSN: 2220-4245. Subscription index in the online catalog «Subscription Press» (www.akc.ru): E28002. Subscription to the electronic version is available on the «Rucont» platform.
The journal is included in the Russian Science Citation Index and in the List of Russian Scientific Journals .

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  • V.3(23), 2015

    Calculation of heat in cooling system at work diesels idle

    Article is devoted to mathematical modeling of heat transfer to the cooling system of locomotive diesel engine . The article presents the features of calculation of heat to the cooling system of a diesel engine when idling.
  • V.4(24), 2015

    Ambient temperature of the cooling system on diesel and units

    The article deals with the cooling and heating of individual components and assemblies diesel engines at low ambient temperatures. The more attention is paid to the description of the characteristics of the intensity of the cooling water system of diesel locomotive engines. The article presents the results of investigation of the outdoor temperature , operating conditions of load and no-load on the cooling system of. The parameters of the cooling water and engine oil that characterize the thermal conditions of the diesel engine. We reviewed and analyzed various ways of warming systems, diesel engines using airborne and stationary devices. The work is aimed at improving the efficiency of diesel locomotive at warming by reducing the operating time of the diesel engine is idling.