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  • V.2(34), 2018

    Increasing the mass of the cargo party for the account of a rational choice of the transportation tack

    The purpose of the study is to justify a rational method of organizing transportation, depending on the various parameters of packaged cargoes, transport containers, wagons and containers. The methods of investigation are based on the analysis and generalization of existing methods and methods of collecting the initial information, methods of its processing when choosing a rational method for the carriage of packaged goods. Practical significance of the research in the implementation of its results lies in the possibility of increasing the technical rate of loading of wagons and containers.
  • V.4(48), 2021

    Modeling of processes in the pantograph - catenary sliding contact in high-speed traffic

    The article considers the processes of current collection in the system of AC electric traction in high-speed traffic. The existing devices of pantograph and catenary interacting by means of a sliding electrical contact are presented. The comparison of solutions with different horizontal geometry of the contact wire, which affects the speed of the lateral displacement of the contact wire at the catenary supports relative to the axis of the railway track, is given. It is shown that the speed at which the contact point moves along the pantograph strip is also important for assessing the wear of the sliding contact, as is the span length of the catenary supports, the curvature of the track and the speed of the train in the span limits. For the synthesis and analysis of the pair "pantograph strip - contact wire" with a sliding contact, a model for calculating the contact surface is obtained and the energy processes leading to wear of the components of the current collection system are considered. The results of modeling the interaction of the pantograph and the catenary with various variants of the zigzag arrangement of the contact wire are obtained. When implementing a technical solution in areas with high-speed traffic, the preferred method proposed in the article is the arrangement of the contact wire of a chain suspension with a zigzag period increased by two times compared to the traditional one. This solution provides a reduction in the speed of lateral displacement and increases the dynamic stability of the pantograph, reduces the cyclic load on the supporting and supporting structures of the catenary and increases the life of the contacting elements of the current collection system during high-speed traffic.
  • V.2(22), 2015

    The power selection and placement of devicescross-reactive power compensation

    Global investment projects of JSC "Russian Railways" to increase turnover suggest an increase in the load on the existing areas of electrified railways, in connection with what is urgent problem of passing the required number of pairs of trains at railway stations. Electricity consumption in railways AC characterized by a rather high consumption of reactive power due to the specifics of electric rolling alternating current, which leads to increased levels of stress and loss of power and, consequently, reduce the energy efficiency and the potential capacity and carrying capacity of the railways. One of the least capital-intensive, and in some cases the only possible rational way to strengthen the system of traction power supply AC is the use of transverse devices for reactive power compensation. The article describes the method of determining the power and choice of accommodations in the area of ​​the railway regulated and unregulated devices transverse reactive power compensation systems, traction power supply 25 kV and 2 × 25 kV. The calculation of the input impedance of the external inductance and traction power supply, the main options for power supply circuits and sectioning traction network devices and placing transverse compensation of reactive power, check to ensure a minimum level of voltage at the pantograph of electric rolling stock. The results can be used as the design of new railway sections, and in dealing with increasing the capacity of sites in operation.
  • V.4(16), 2013

    Experimental determination of the displacement of rails

    The paper proposes a method of measuring the transverse displacements of the rails. Made a priori error estimate. A version of the sensor and the concept of construction equipment.
  • V.3(19), 2014

    About influence of conditions freight placement on traffic safety of trains and transportation cost

    Placement and fastening of freights, at their transportation by appointment to stations of the railroads Russian Federations, is made according to provisions of Specifications of placement and fastening of freights in cars and containers TsM - 943 (TU). Requirements of the TU separate points influence not only traffic safety of trains, but also the cost of transportation and as a result - JSC «RZD».
  • V.4(40), 2019

    To the question of cable lines maintenance optimization

    The results of mathematical modeling of the optimization of maintenance cable lines are presented in article. The results can be used to calculate the optimal frequency and number of major repairs and substitutions of cable lines.