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Quarterly magazine OSTU agencies. Media registration number: ПИ № ФС77-75780 dated May 23, 2019. ISSN: 2220-4245. Subscription index in the official catalog "Subscription publications" of JSC "Russian Post": PP914.
The journal is included in the Russian Science Citation Index and in the List of Russian Scientific Journals .

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  • V.2(14), 2013

    Design analysis casting and welding side frames three-piece bogies freight cars

    In this paper analyzed the design of cast and weld side frames three-piece bogies. The directions of further improvement design side of a bogie frame.
  • V.1(13), 2013

    Calculation of the side frame and bolster freight car bogie finite element method

    One of the many topics on which he worked V.V. Lukin in end of his life, was to improve the cast parts bogies freight wagons using the finite element method. In this paper the authors shows that the method of finite element analysis of the stress-strain state of two of the most essential parts a three-element bogie freight cars to further improve the their design.
  • V.3(15), 2013

    Analysis of operating performance of freight trains and its ways of increasing

    The analysis of the operational efficiency of freight cars circulating on the Russian railways, shows a lack of basic truck models 18-100 and its modifications and foreign counterparts. We propose a method for increasing the efficiency of the dynamic properties of the freight car with a cart, which has a new design of spring suspension, based on the principle of compensation of external disturbances and presented its advantages.
  • V.3(15), 2013

    The reasons for violations of traffic safety of freight cars in operation

    Analysis of failures bogie side frames of freight cars in the network of JSC «Russian Railways» for the period from 2006 to 2013. Disadvantages of the well-known constructions of trucks of the car of model 18-100. Mathematical modeling of movement of a wheel pair bogie 18-100, set the negative impact of the spread of the values of structural parameters of the chassis of the car on the indicators of its dynamic qualities and driving safety.