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  • V.4(28), 2016

    Rationale the possibility of electric train energy consumption decreaseat west siberian railway omsk department

    In article the possibilities of decrease in energy consumption on draft at the movement of electric trains in the conditions of a flat profile of West Siberian Railway due to shutdown of traction section of an electric train and rational distribution of time of the course in all direction of the movement are considered. During the calculating and creation of schedules of the train for site is used an analytical method of the solution of the differential equation of the movement of the train. For the analysis of optimum schedules of the train at each stage of their modeling an inspection of calculations which allows to guarantee reliability of the received results is car-ried out. For definition of potential opportunities of decrease in energy consumption on draft at traffic control of an electric train the concrete trip of an electric train of ED4M along a route Omsk - Irtyshskaya is analysed. Settlement schedules of an electric train are provided in the considered trip, and also with shutdown of one traction section. Average is defined by standard means of system of computer modeling on the way the electric train speed, dispersion of speed on the way, energy consumption. The received size of energy consumption for draft with the disconnected traction section is much less than energy consumption on a real trip. Rational distribution of time of the course of the electric train in all direction of movement from a condition of preserving time of its arrival also allows to reduce an electric power expense on draft by the terminal station. Based on consumption data of the electric power in general possible economy of energy costs on draft due to application of the offered methods is determined by Omsk TCh-31 depot.
  • V.2(30), 2017

    Main dependences of flow change electricity from the traffic traffic schedule on dc current sites for sections with i type of profile

    The article discusses the assessment of the impact of train schedule on the amount of electricity consumption for traction on sections of DC I-th profile type way. The proposed parameters of the train schedule, influencing the electricity consumption for traction on sections of DC I-th profile type way. The major scheduling options included statistical quantities and parameters characterizing the conditions of the batch passing trains, stop and solid thread schedules for truck-driving. Based on simulation modeling provided the main based on changes in the volume of electric energy for traction on the plot of the traction electric supply system when changing the parameters of the timetable. The dependences of the volume change of electrical energy for traction allow you to evaluate and determine the ranges of the parameters of the graph in which the variation of volume is minimal. in the considered ranges of the parameters of the train schedule, the amount of electricity for the areas of DC with the I-th profile type varies within 1 % with the constancy of other factors..