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Scientific and technical journal established by OSTU. Media registration number: ПИ № ФС77-75780 dated May 23, 2019. ISSN: 2220-4245. Subscription index in the online catalog «Subscription Press» (www.akc.ru): E28002. Subscription to the electronic version is available on the «Rucont» platform.
The journal is included in the Russian Science Citation Index and in the List of Russian Scientific Journals .

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  • V.2(34), 2018

    Operative estimating of diesel locomotive fuel consumption with its power unit mode mathematical model

    The article discusses the possibility of determining the specific fuel consumption of diesel locomotives in operation using indirect calculation methods based on the use of these locomotive onboard systems and supplementing them with mathematical models of the operating cycle and the model for determining the composition of the exhaust gases of a diesel engine. The basic equations and algorithms proposed for the implementation of such a method of mathematical models and the results of their use are presented, the results of a comparison of simulation results and experimental data on the specific consumption of fuel of diesel locomotives TEM18DM are presented. A possible algorithm for their joint use is proposed, conclusions are made on the possible development of such a method for determining the energy efficiency of diesel locomotives without taking them out of service.
  • V.1(25), 2016

    Diesel engine combustion process simulating using pugachev combustion rate equation

    This article describes different ways of mass-burned fraction curve calculation, shows the Pugachev’s combustion rate equation structure, method of this equation factors selection and simulating versus experimental data matching.
  • V.3(23), 2015

    Calculation of heat in cooling system at work diesels idle

    Article is devoted to mathematical modeling of heat transfer to the cooling system of locomotive diesel engine . The article presents the features of calculation of heat to the cooling system of a diesel engine when idling.
  • V.1(21), 2015

    Calculation of combustion in the cylinder of a diesel engine that runs on gas-and-diesel cycle

    The article presents the method of calculating the amount of products of combustion of diesel fuel, gas-and-diesel and model calculations are made in relation to the diesel engine 16ЧН26/26 (2A-5D49). Parameters of the working cycle of a diesel engine operating on different types of hydrocarbon fuels, derived using a combination of methods Grinevetskiy-Mazinga and vibe. Calculation of the amount of harmful emissions and the amount of greenhouse gases is made using the method of equilibrium composition due to changes in the thermodynamic parameters and elemental composition of fuel burnup fuel mixture the positions of controller driver
  • V.4(16), 2013

    Probabilistic model of formation of modes of operation of diesel diesel generator sets in operation

    Offers a probabilistic model of formation of modes load of diesel-generator unit locomotives given the power of auxiliary units in conditions of their operation on the example of locomotives 2TE10M.
  • V.1(17), 2014

    The calculation of heat capacity working relationship during the combustion of mixed types of fuel in the cylinder of a diesel locomotive engines

    The article presents the method of calculation of heat capacity working relations in the process of fuel combustion. Analytical dependence of heat capacity ratio are presented depending on the temperature of products of combustion, excess air ratio and proportion of burnt fuel for different formulations of mixed types of hydrocarbon fuel.
  • V.3(19), 2014

    Feasibility study on application smesevs of types of fuel in diesel diesels

    The main direction of decrease in operational costs on draft of trains is reduction of expenses by fuel and energy resources, decrease in repair expenses at the expense of increase of indicators of operational reliability of power installations of a diesel rolling stock. It is obvious that the solution of these problems, now when operational profitability of diesels and their reliability are on a limit for the developed service conditions and production of diesel locomotives, it is possible at the expense of application of alternative types of the fuel which use will allow to raise both reliability of a diesel rolling stock, and its profitability under operating conditions. One of such alternative fuels can, is either natural gas, or household oil gas, that is a butane and propane mix in various ratios. In the present article on the basis of mathematical models possible ecological and economic efficiency of use of мix types of fuel on the example of the diesel 2A - 5D49 is shown.
  • V.4(28), 2016

    Present and future of power plants autonomous locomotives

    In article stages developments of power plants autonomous locomotives from the steam-engine to gas-turbine engines and engines on fuel elements are considered
  • V.2(14), 2013

    The technique for the assessment of the efficiency of the application of the mixed hydrocarbonic kinds of fuel in the power installations of diesel locomotives

    It is offered the technique for the assessment of the efficiency of the application of the mixed hydrocarbonic kinds of fuel in the power installations of diesel locomotives. The model calculations have been executed with a glance of the changing of the physicochemical and thermalphysic characteristics of the fuel mixtures and the service conditions of diesel locomotives.