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Scientific and technical journal established by OSTU. Media registration number: ПИ № ФС77-75780 dated May 23, 2019. ISSN: 2220-4245. Subscription index in the online catalog «Subscription Press» (www.akc.ru): E28002. Subscription to the electronic version is available on the «Rucont» platform.
The journal is included in the Russian Science Citation Index and in the List of Russian Scientific Journals .

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  • V.1(17), 2014

    Methodology for assigning losses in two-element frequency converter in induction motor test rig

    The article contains methodology for assigning losses in two-element frequency converter (in rectifier and dc-ac converter). which allow to replenish mathematical model of back to back rig test method for induction motors and to use it in design induction motor rig test, also for calculation electrical power test rig which consumed from electrical network. Practical value of the methodology is no need in using electrical measurement instrument for ac-dc power with frequency different from 50 Gz.
  • V.3(15), 2013

    The assessment of energy efficiency of application back-to-back method in testing induction tractive motor

    The article contains information about policy public corporation «RZD» in energy-saving and energy efficiency. Assessment of energy efficiency of application back-to-back method in testing induction tractive motors was executed as an example on modeling testing process of motors type NTA-1200.
  • V.1(13), 2013

    Quality electricity distribution networks not consumers traction

    Despite significant progress in the development of accounting systems, there is almost universal growth accounting losses of electricity and reduce its quality. Along with the introduction of modern energy efficient electrical problem efficiency of electric energy in the stationary energy sector can be achieved through the implementation of active-adaptive technologies for controlling the operation of compensating devices, controlled means of voltage control, switching and power equipment and diagnosis based on digital technology, including automatically maintain a minimum transmission losses when the load. Management of objects offered no traction electricity consumers based on adaptive technology and hardware-software optimization mode parameters in real time.
  • V.4(16), 2013

    An energy storage device parameters determinationfor electrical locomotives of dc railway

    There is the way for increasing efficiency of recuperative braking, using an energy storage device on electrical locomotives of DC railway. This device must store a part of recuperative energy. In the article the approach was considered, which allows to find parameters of an energy storage device, this device must be placed on electrical locomotives of DC railway, a part of recuperative energy can be returned to electrical network.