Open the Regulations on the review, review and publication of articles.

The Editorial Board is obliged to confirm the author the article receiving no later than 5 days after its submission. The materials sent by authors must comply with the terms of submission of articles in scientific and technical journal «Izvestia Transsiba» (Journal of Transsib Railway Studies).

During 60 days the Editorial Board is obliged to prepare the scientific review to the article with a reasoned conclusion about its validation or rejection and to notify the author by means of sending the review copy.

The determination about the article publication or rejection is made by the Editorial Board.

In case of article rejection the Editorial Board must report to author the reasoned substantiation of rejection and send the review copy. The reviewer surname can be reported to the author only with the consent of reviewer.

In case of the author submission of objections to the article rejection, the Editorial Board considers the article again, if necessary pre-sending it out for an additional review. The second negative decision of the Editorial Board is final.

The articles in the Journal are printed usually in accordance with the sequence of its receipt to the editorial office. If the article is sent back for revision, the date of receipt is considered the date of return by the author the corrected article. The Editorial Board has the right to do a permutation in the order of publication of articles in case of special urgency of received article or in order to  fuller theme selection of material for the Journal.

The articles printed in the order of discussion may be supplied with corresponding remarks of the Editorial Board.

In case of submission to the editorial office the statements from readers that the published article author made the other authors statements distortions or statements that violate the copyright of others, the Editorial Board has the right to publish these comments. The author of the article which has received comments entitled to answer the published comments in the Journal pages.

The content of the next Journal issue approved by the chief editor or his deputy.

If among the members of the Editorial Board will arise differences towards an article publication, the question of article publication solves by means of simple majority of votes. An equal number of votes the chief editor vote or the chairman vote is decisive.

The manuscript should be carefully checked and signed by the author, to have the date and the exact postal address of the author and other contact information. Requirements to the manuscripts are published once a year in one of the Journal issues.

The final decision about the release of each Journal issue is made by the Editorial Board in the person of the chief editor.

The Journal (on conditions of the literature exchange) is sent to the libraries of higher educational institutions, research institutes and industry science and technology libraries according to the approved list. The remaining part of the circulation is sold, and the proceeds go for a partial refund of the costs for the production of the Journal.

The Journal is included in the publication plan of the Founder.