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  • V.1(37), 2019

    Calculation of distribution load between rolling bodiesin the roller bearing of the traction motor

    The article proposes a method of calculation the load between the rolling bodies of the swinging bearings and the bearings of the traction motor, which makes it possible to have the value of the radial clearance in the bearing, as well as the radial movement of the inner rings relative to the outer one. To determine the load perceived by the most loaded rollers, a solution of the equilibrium equation for internal elements is proposed using simple iterations. The implementation of the method is implemented in the Matlab software package. Using the proposed method, the load distribution between the rollers in the traction motor of the VL11K electric locomotive was calculated. To determine the load acting on the bearing, the “Sarga-Subic” section was selected, which has a mountain profile.
  • V.1(25), 2016

    Vibrational prognostication of operating conditions of the locomotive traction electric machines

    The reasons of a case-type vibration in the frictionless bearings in the assembled machine are studied. The method of identification of the radial clearances in the bearings without disassembling is suggested on the basis of the conducted measurements and analysis. The algorithm of vibrational prognostication of operating conditions of the frictionless bearings in the locomotive traction motors is suggested and grounded
  • V.3(23), 2015

    Evaluation of power losses in nodes underframes of locomotives

    The article proposes methodology for assessing the power loss in motor thrust bearings, the nodes of box, traction gear transmission. Revealed dependence between the power losses, the diameter of the tire wheel pair and the speed characteristic of the wheel-motor block. The results can be used to assess the technical condition and energy efficiency of traction rolling stock of Railways.
  • V.4(16), 2013

    The problem with plate load tests pile foundations under bridge construction

    Some aspects of soil testing are discussed this article to determine the stamp bearing capacity of piles. The techniques of plating tests has been proposed with anchoring of the shell or casing piles future. This method allows you to evaluate the resistance of piles on its end and side surfaces.
  • V.4(32), 2017

    Investigation of the dry friction power influence inthe units of the mounting convoys on the change ofanchor site length tension of the of theelectrificated railway

    The traffic speed increasing on the railways makes strict requirements to the supporting and supporting structures of the contact network, as well as to the parameters and indicators of the contact suspension. The presence of dry friction in the cantilever attachment points indicates a negative effect on the accuracy of adjusting the wires of the contact suspension and on its parameters. The article presents the results of studies of the dry friction value in the console fastening points depending on the type of the contact suspension and suggests a method for reducing friction in the console attachment points. The results of calculations of the effect of friction in the console attachment points on the tension variation along the length of the anchor section are presented.
  • V.4(16), 2013

    The influence of dynamic loading and defects roller bearing axle-box on safety of movement of freight cars in operation

    Analysis of failures of axlebox units of bogies for freight cars in the network of JSC «Russian Railways» for the period from 2010 to 2012, disadvantages of this node known construction trucks of the car of model 18-100. Defined vertical, horizontal and longitudinal loads acting on the buchs site. Mathematical modeling of the dynamic loading roller bearing axle-box under radial load. The influence of dynamic loads and defects in a roller bearing axle-box site on a safety of movement of the carriage.