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  • V.4(24), 2015

    Improvement of safety devices of high-speed current collectors

    Now the problem of development of the high-speed and high-speed movement on the main railway transport that is connected by increase of traffic safety of trains and ensuring reliable work of contact suspension brackets and current collectors of an electrorolling stock is actual. For increase of reliable work of current collectors there are some ways one of which is creation of the safety devices which are built in a design of current collectors and providing their automatic lowering in emergencies. In Omsk State Transport University the current collector equipped with safety devices of new generation on the basis of the operated pneumatic devices and providing protection at failure or the increased wear of contact elements, and also breakages of a runner is developed; at rise on height of more admissible at departure of an electrorolling stock for the sign «End of a Contact Suspension Bracket» or break of contact wires; at blows and arrivals on obstacles in a contact suspension bracket. For control and management of operation of safety devices the protective pneumatic contour located on the basis of a current collector in the special case is used. At operation of one of safety devices there is a depressurization of the pneumohighway of a protective contour therefore pressure of compressed air the drive of a current collector decreases and it falls under the influence of own gravity. Restoration of a current collector possibly only in the conditions of depot or point of maintenance of locomotives. Calculation of characteristics and parameters of the device of protection at blows and arrivals on obstacles in a contact suspension bracket needs to be carried out by the given technique for zones of normal, dangerous and emergency work. For an assessment of operability of safety devices and definition of their main technical indicators and parameters in laboratory of OSTU the shock and oscillatory complex is developed for research of interaction of a current collector with a contact network.
  • V.1(29), 2017

    Influence of parameters and operating modes traction power supply system on efficiency of energy recovery use

    The article analyzes the influence of parameters and operating modes of traction power supply system on the value of the useful energy recovery and the amount of electricity losses caused by the energy recovery through the traction power system to various consumers. The amount of energy lost in recuperation determines the degree of efficiency of its use. The approaches to the sequential determination of the recuperation energy efficiency and the calculation of the numerical values of the quantities characterizing the parameters of the traction power supply system, which are necessary for an adequate analysis of the energy distribution flow distribution, are proposed. It is determined that it is sufficient to use the regression analysis method to estimate the influence of the parameters and operating conditions of the traction power system on the energy efficiency of the recovery. The values of the relative resistance of the contact network are calculated depending on the type of the contact suspension, as well as on the traction network supply circuits. It is shown that the parameters and operating modes of traction power supply system affect the losses in the contact network, the losses in rectifier-inverter converters and traction transformers of direct current traction substations, the amount of energy recovery from tires of traction substations, as well as the relative change in losses in the system traction power supply with the use of regenerative braking.
  • V.4(32), 2017

    Investigation of the dry friction power influence inthe units of the mounting convoys on the change ofanchor site length tension of the of theelectrificated railway

    The traffic speed increasing on the railways makes strict requirements to the supporting and supporting structures of the contact network, as well as to the parameters and indicators of the contact suspension. The presence of dry friction in the cantilever attachment points indicates a negative effect on the accuracy of adjusting the wires of the contact suspension and on its parameters. The article presents the results of studies of the dry friction value in the console fastening points depending on the type of the contact suspension and suggests a method for reducing friction in the console attachment points. The results of calculations of the effect of friction in the console attachment points on the tension variation along the length of the anchor section are presented.