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  • V.2(34), 2018

    Analysis of the current and limited stressed-deformedstates of the rolling stock of railways withelastic-plastic conduct of material

    Annotaion. The relevance of carrying out research works on improving the regulatory and methodological base in the development of promising railroad rolling stock structures with the use of new structural materials with nonlinear properties during deformation (physical nonlinearity) is substantiated in the work. The possibility of using the finite element method (FEM) procedure for creating such constructions is considered. Dependence of stresses on deformations is approximated by a cubic parabola. This made it possible to obtain generalizations of the well-known relations and algorithms of the classical theory of FEM with a nonlinear relationship between stresses and deformations. The proposed technique was tested in the evaluation of the stress-strain state (SSS) of an aluminum gondola car under various standard loads according to the 1st design mode. The effect of physical nonlinearity on the SSS of a spiral beam of a freight gondola car of aluminum alloy AMg6 was estimated. The calculation of the stresses generated by the action of a longitudinal force with eccentricity shows that the stresses in the nonlinear approximation are 13% lower than the corresponding stress values obtained by calculation in the linear theory. The results obtained can be recommended for the development of pilot projects of new structures optimized for weight and strength characteristics.