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  • V.2(22), 2015

    Dynamic model for research longitudinal oscillations of electric locomotives main frame including installation dampens absorbing devices in the coupler

    This article presents dynamic model for numerical researches of oscillations of the main frame of an electric locomotive taking into account the impact of longitudinal efforts arising in the automatic coupler.
  • V.2(26), 2016

    Justification of scheduler slopes the ballast technological process modernization railway track

    The design of the working body planner slopes for liner-tamping-finishing machine VPO-3000. Based on the analysis of existing designs of planners ball-fin track machines (VPO-3000,SZP-600R,PB-01,SS-3,ELB-3MK,ELB-4K),finding to operate on a network of West-Siberian Railway selected under the most-walked analogue - plow machine SZP-600r.The proposed project design of all structural elements of the plow SZP-600R has been changed in view of the desired trajectories scheduler slopes and its geometrical layout on the machine VPO-3000,as well as taking into account the requirements of the design and of top-Story-of way,in particular gravel ballast,after work on her cleaning ballast cleaner MF-600. The selection of geometric parameters and the calculation of design elements scheduler slopes are made using APM WinMashin programs according to the real conditionscess of the load operation and,in particular: arrow with the plow is in working position and performs cutting and Zdzvizhkou crude ballast for support of contact network; arrow disclosed at the maximum angle ?; plows are not disclosed and are located along the axis of the boom. The developed design planner slopes allows removal of contaminated ballast portion of the railway line,as well as other operators,radio planning prism slopes. The proposed project will improve the machine VPO-3000 allows the excluded-tained from the technological process of modernization of railroad tracks Add-tional machine to remove the contaminated site ballast,which reduces the cost of performing the work.