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Expansion of the adjustment range of the air distributor № 483

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Ivanov P. Y. , Dulsky E. Y. , Khamnaeva A. A. , Pakhomov V. V. Expansion of the adjustment range of the air distributor № 483 Izvestiia Transsiba – The Trans-Siberian Bulletin, 2022, no. 4(52), pp. 32 – 41.


Currently, in the brake system of operated cars, there is a problem of lack of brake pressure on the wheel, which is necessary for the movement of the train at a set speed in accordance with the regulatory documentation. This is due to the tendency to increase the mass of trains and the maximum load of cars with a constant tare weight, which requires an extended range of pressure control in the brake cylinder by an air distributor or auto mode, depending on the load of the car. To solve this problem, calculations were made of the braking coefficient of cars equipped with air distributors № 483, which showed that the freight car was not equipped with brakes to run as part of a train at a set speed. In the course of engineering studies, it turned out that increasing the spring rate of loaded and medium modes can increase the adjusting range of the air distributor and partially solve the problem of lack of brake pressure. Thus, it is proposed to recalculate the stiffness of the adjusting spring. Calculations of the rigidity of regular and proposed springs were made. The braking coefficient has been recalculated, taking into account the increased spring constant. As a result, this coefficient has increased, which makes it possible to remove speed limits. The proposed method for upgrading the air distributor can be carried out on all types of repairs, which facilitates the implementation process.