Article Title

Research of pantograph panhead heating temperature and its reduction methods

Journal: Journal of Transsib Railway Studies V.4(32), 2017
Journal thematic sections: Railway rolling stock
Pages: 25-34
Authors: O. A. Sidorov
udk: 621.336.2
Article reference
Sidorov O. A. , Smerdin A. N. , Omsk S. T. Research of pantograph panhead heating temperature and its reduction methods Izvestiia Transsiba – The Trans-Siberian Bulletin, 2017, no. 4(32), pp. 25 – 34.


The heating of the pantograph panhead of an electric rolling stock is caused by the removal of the traction electric current. The increase in temperature is due to the characteristics of the catenary and conductive materials of the suspension and current collector. Current collection low quality also leads to overheating of contact materials and limits the passage of the maximum permissible long-time current when the electric locomotive moves. The uneven distribution of temperature leads to local points of overheating and an inefficient use of the surface of the contact strips. The presented graphs of the density distribution of the position of the contact wire in the plan indicate their dependence on the profile of the path section and the type of the catenary, which determine the heat distribution along the panhead. The proposed methodology of the factor analysis of the effect on the current collector's panhead heating makes it possible to determine the causes of its uneven heating and propose measures to reduce the share of influence of each factors and to provide an increase in the removal of the traction current.